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Vincent Van Gogh and Expo Displays?

In this article, we’re looking at space. Space is perhaps the biggest opportunity for exhibitors looking to design their booth effectively. Space is your blank canvas, and there are a wide range of event marketing opportunities that involve proper usage of space. We’ll look at recent trends to help you properly utilize space and create […]

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Exhibit Design: A Primer

It’s no secret that a sizeable number of trade show attendees seek solutions and intend to buy. Eventually, they’ll find someone to buy from. But here’s the problem. How do you make yourself that “someone” they buy from? How do you prevent potential customers from merely glancing at your exhibits while your competition develops superb […]

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Designing Effective Trade Show Booth Banners

Example of Coordinated Booth Banner Designs

Trade show statistics reflect that, on average, visitors will spend about eight hours exploring exhibits. More than 80% of those visitors have purchasing authority. To draw their attention to your own trade show booth, an effective booth banner design is key. Here’s how to design an outstanding banner stand that will help distinguish you from competitors:Aim […]

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