Why Use Custom Trade Show Displays?

vk-5049-helps show why use custom trade show displays

VK-5049 Custom Trade Show Island Display

If you don’t know why use custom trade show displays, take a few minutes to wander the aisles of a big trade show. Next day, ask yourself – what do you remember?

Was it the vast multitude of displays that looked the same, except for the different logos? or was it that one or two custom trade show displays that caught your eye with unique designs and crowded booths?

The path to success at trade shows does not include blending in with your neighbors. If you want to have better success at your next trade show, you need to leave a lasting impression that stands out from a sea of banal back walls – this is why to use a custom trade show display.

It is an accepted fact that participating in a trade show is an important part of your business, for networking, marketing, lead taking, and gathering competitive intelligence – but not everyone experiences the same amount of success from it.

Often companies use displays that are indistinguishable from the rest of their competition, which may not leave a lasting impact or encourage confidence in the product or service that is being promoted. This is why a proven and effective way to bring attention to your product and promote sales is to create a custom trade show display or booth.

Custom trade show displays differ from standard out of the box displays by taking a strategic approach that is dedicated to creating an attention grabbing visual and promoting a positive experience for viewers from the onset of conception. While standard back wall displays are used over and over again, with equally unimaginative graphics, they can be quite dull to potential customers since there is a very high chance they have seen it before, just with different logos and staff manning the table.

Your trade show booth is the literally the first point of contact for many potential customers, so you want to be assured that you are giving them a first impression that engages them from the very start. Many times when trade show attendees leave the show and look through their business cards a few days later, if a strong positive and exciting impression was not made, there is a very likely chance that you and your booth will be forgotten.

neptune1 multiquad - another example why use custom trade show displays

MultiQuad Custom Trade Show Exhibit 30×40

A visually stunning trade show display that was custom-made avoids this by at least leaving them with a lasting visual impression that will stick in their mind much longer than the other businesses that went with the unmemorable standard display booths.

One of the best things about a custom trade show display is the nearly limitless possibilities of allowing you get creative with a display. You can use modern technology such as VR headsets, digital panels, tablets and 3D printed objects to attract attention.

If you want a more visceral experience, you can create cavernous walk through paths that take customers on a tour that tells the story of your product or service. If you consider yourself a creative person, a custom trade show display is an artfully and sophisticated way of translating that into a user driven experience that leads to sales.

Some of the most popular conventions in the world, such as Comic Con or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, are global spectacles not so much due to to video games and comic books. Rather, a major part of the attraction is that the displays there are some of the most creative ones in the trade show business.

It also so happens that many of the displays at these shows are not standard back walls, but instead are perfect examples of why use custom trade show displays – they really stand out and grab attention.

Many businesses still have acceptable results using standard back walls – there’s nothing wrong with that. If it works, then that is really what is most important. However, some business leaders and entrepreneurs want to push for greater audience engagement. These business simply can not afford to stick with what has become routine because the competitive business climate means that they need to constantly push for greater success.

If you want to learn more about why use custom trade show displays and how this can work for your business, be sure to search our product listings often and contact us today to learn how we can help.