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What Message Does Your Trade Show Booth Send?

When you’re putting together new expo displays, every element to your booth – from the walls to the flooring – is ultimately “sending a message” to your visitors, whether you’re entirely aware of that message or not.  Even the physical materials you use within your trade show booth can have subtle psychological effects on visitors. While these may […]

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Using Digital Signage in Trade Show Booth Designs

While considering your trade show booth designs, don’t overlook the value of interactive digital displays. A well crafted video is a boost to any trade show display; however incorporating activities on iPads and other interactive digital signage and displays gives your booth standout appeal. There are many benefits to incorporating interactive digital signage into your trade show […]

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Two Trade Show Booth Ideas to Boost Your ROI

All exhibitors need innovative trade show booth ideas to help them succeed. Whether you’re a regular trade show exhibitor or just starting out, growing your ROI is the goal you absolutely need to set. A “decent” amount of trade show leads won’t get you anywhere and is a lazy goal, considering the cost of renting booth space, traveling to the […]

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Trade Shows: Using Photography In Your Exhibit

MultiQuad 10x10 with Large Graphic and 3 Monitors

Leveraging the trade show environment with photography in your exhibit can have positive and negative results. Why? They may seem like two very different things: the “live” environment of the trade show and the “static” aspect of photography. You might thing they shouldn’t mix, but there are proven ways to use photography in your exhibit. […]

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Trade Show Table Covers & Runners

Sometimes it seems like the best part of any trade show isn’t the many trade show displays, or the magicians or acrobats or mimes (or booth babes) – sometimes it is just the swag. Everyone loves collecting free stuff, and simply running around from trade show booth to booth in a convention center is enough to […]

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Trade Show Table Covers – Is Yours Boring?

The average trade show has over 400 booths and presenters and can have thousands of attendants. With so many people in one place, trade shows are still an incredible resource for businesses to make an impression and present their products and services. So how do you maximize impact at trade shows? Brochures with eye-popping graphics […]

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