Booth Design Ideas: Get a Great One!

If your business is going to spend time and money to be in a trade show, then you want the best results possible from your investment. Get help creating great booth design ideas so your display stand attracts visitors and keeps them at your booth.

Build it and they will come

This phrase should be your mantra when looking for booth design ideas. With a carefully designed trade show booth, you stand a much better chance of attracting potential clients, making sales, gathering contacts, and generally spreading the word about your company. 

Our Most Popular Booth Design Ideas

Size Matters

Be sure your booth design ideas allow for the flow of attendee traffic in and around your booth. As a rule of thumb, your exhibit space should resemble a well-organized party and not a crowded disco.

A 10 x 10 booth is sufficient for a small business. At 100 square feet, you can accommodate at least four people at once, two staffers and two attendees. Consider a 10 x 20 booth size for a medium business, and island designs for a larger business.

The size of the booth, however, depends on your goals and products. At a trade show, size matters, but it should complement, not dictate, your exhibit marketing goals.

An investment that will pay off

When your business has a display in a trade show, you will face fierce competition to get visitors to stop at your booth. The crowd will be drawn to the spaces with the most attractive booths, with displays that are modern, professional, and colorful.

They will walk right past that plain table cloth or boring backdrop, especially those that look outdated or poorly designed. If you think that booth design ideas don’t really matter, just sit at your plain presentation table when you’re at your next show and count the hundreds of visitors who glance at you and walk right by. Today’s visitors are lured by booths that are interesting and attractive. It is almost always a waste of time and money to take part in a trade show without having a professional display because you just won’t get the traffic to stop to hear what you have to offer.

Key Booth Design Ideas Include:

  • Make Your Graphics DistinctiveState your message in ten words or less. Use simple, everyday terms, and try to convey how your company’s products or services can help prospective customers. Don't use too many words; simplicity is the key.
  • Don’t Skimp on Graphic Design - Stunning graphics will grab people’s attention. A rich, colorful image will make people stop and take notice.
  • Color schemes are critical - Color affects our perceptions of a space, so when planning your booth, choose your colors carefully. The graphic designer can help determine the most appropriate color scheme for your booth based on your overall corporate colors, your marketing goals, and your color preferences.

You are probably a sales or marketing professional. You rely on special software for sales automation, use CRM software, and have a comprehensive email campaign strategy. All smart. Actually very smart. You understand that marketing requires a strategy, the right tools, and a method of measuring your success. When you have challenging problems outside your skill set, you tap into consultants for lead generation, sales training, social media, and SEO. That same reasoning applies to your trade show marketing.

Lean on another experienced pro to help with your booth design ideas. Check out our slider above - it shows off some of the great booth designs we've helped with over the years. For more information about trade show or event marketing, give us a call or Contact Us. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your next event.

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