Choosing the Right Banner Stands for Effective Trade Show Displays

choosing the right banner stands is not that difficult.


Choosing the right banner stands is the one of the most effective ways in bringing visitors to your booth at a trade show. Banners have many advantages, such as movement, bright colors, lights, and clear graphics. Many exhibit displays & banners can be easily folded and transported in a canvas bag. They can be as simple as a fabric balloon that is filled with air and moves back and forth. There are even wearable styles that can be worn around the trade show on the backs of employees who distribute company literature and direct visitors to your booth. The way to find the right one depends a lot on how much your marketing budget allows you to spend as well as how you intend to use it.

Economy styles are low in cost for small and medium businesses 
For many small businesses, the determining factor choosing the right banner stands to buy depends on the cost. Most banners and stands are sold together as a set, but it is possible to buy them separately. They are one of the least expensive display items for trade shows, so they are usually a wise choice for small and medium businesses. Often banner stands are combined with branded table covers, for both large and small events. Some companies buy more than one of these pop up displays and group them together for an impressive look that draws crowds to their display booths. At a cost of around $200 to $300, they are perfect for companies who enter one or two trade shows a year.

Retractable or pull up styles 
For a convenient option, some economy styles are available in retractable designs that store the banner inside the tube section of the stand, so there is very little space needed to keep them from year to year. Many kinds feature easy to change banners that simply slip onto the stand like a pillow case or are attached with a hook at the top and bottom. This saves money when a new product needs to be advertised at the next show because a newly made banner can be used on the same trade show booth over and over again. For such a small investment, they provide a lot of style and a professional way to get advertising for your company and product at the trade show.

Choosing vinyl or fabric banners 
When it comes to choosing a banner for banner stands at trade shows, companies have the choice between vinyl or fabric banners. Vinyl banners are a great option for businesses looking for an effective and economical banner. They are durable enough to be reused many times, and they offer vibrancy and clarity to any message being portrayed. On the other hand, fabric banners provide more texture and dimension while still delivering clarity, giving trade shows more character with these unique materials. Ultimately, the decision depends on which type of banner best fits a company’s needs and budget.

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