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Profiting from Virtual Trade Shows

–last updated Sep 2020As we all struggle to work from home and keep businesses alive during this pandemic, it may seem counter-intuitive to talk about profiting from virtual trade shows in a blog dedicated to helping clients purchase the best trade show displays and succeed at real-life, physical trade shows – but hang in there […]

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What Does The Future Hold For The Trade Show Industry?

Photo from Comic Con Trade Show

— Last updated September, 2020No one can see into the future with certainty, but many wonder, what does the future hold for the trade show industry? The pandemic – or at least the government reaction to it – forced people to change their behaviors.We’re primarily social animals, and we’ve been locked down, prevented from doing […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Partition Walls

partition walls - floor standing walls sneeze guard acrylic barrier hanging ceiling mount coronavirus covid-19 disease prevention

It’s a no-brainer that public settings can get noisy. Loud commotions, people having conversations, phones ringing, you name it. These noises can negatively impact productivity, more so, when collaboration is important. Here’s where partition walls come into play. They are a great way of infusing separation and division, thus creating a conducive and more structured environment. […]

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Best 3D Hologram Displays for Trade Shows

star wars 3D hologram image

 It will come as no surprise that trade show exhibitors need to compete with each other to attract the attention of visitors at trade shows. Regardless of which industry you are in, companies are setting up sleek, professional displays with the latest technologies and custom designs to stay ahead of the curve. Using a 3D hologram […]

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