Best 3D Hologram Displays for Trade Shows

The best 3D hologram displays for trade shows are a sure way to help attract visitors to your booth - and they are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use!

It will come as no surprise that trade show exhibitors need to compete to attract the attention of visitors at trade shows. Regardless of which industry you are in, companies set up sleek, professional displays with the latest technologies and custom designs to stay ahead of the curve.

Example Usage of Best 3D Hologram Displays for Trade Shows

Example Usage of 3D Hologram Displays for Trade Shows

Using a 3D hologram display at your next trade show helps take your booth to the next level. Incorporating holographic displays at trade shows catches the eye and captures the attention of an audience that may otherwise have passed by your booth.

What Is a 3D Hologram?

A 3D hologram is a projection that feels like it is in the room with you. Anyone can see a 3D hologram without needing special 3D glasses. Unlike virtual reality glasses, which are popular at some trade shows, hologram displays at trade shows can attract more people because everyone can see them without special equipment.

Having a 3D hologram trade show display allows you to showcase your products in a new and impressive way. If you are looking for an eye-catching attraction, you can display other elements like rain, fire, smoke, or fog to attract attendees.

Equipment Required to Display a 3D Hologram

The only requirement to use a 3D Hologram projector is AC power and a good holographic projector. The hologram projector can also be known as a holographic display or holography pyramid and come in a wide variety of sizes based on your projection needs.

Why You Should Incorporate a 3D Hologram Trade Show Attraction

Holograms are a new technology, and businesses are just starting to incorporate them into their marketing material. Using hologram displays in your trade show booth will put you ahead of the competition and help you highlight your products in a fresh and innovative way.

Using a 3D hologram to help tell the story of your business or explain your products' features will help booth visitors, and potential customers better understand what you are selling. Advanced technology has made it easier to visually tell stories in simple, memorable ways.

3D hologram displays also allow you to achieve the best visibility at trade shows. Just make sure you put your hologram projector near the outer edge of your booth. This allows more attendees to spot it. If you put it at the back of the booth, you can't maximize its potential.

The projections should also be shown at eye level for the same reason. The 3D hologram display is meant to attract the attendees and bring them to your booth. Placing your projector on a stand that is approximately four feet high should be good.

Your 3D hologram display can also be used to create custom content that can make your booth unforgettable. Some projectors allow for three full HD viewing angles instead of just a single viewing angle and allow greater color rendition and clarity for each holographic image you use. 

Standalone units are usually completely autonomous as well, which means they don't even require user operation. All you have to do is stand back and watch the holographic display do all the work for you. 

Adding Interactivity and Audio

You can also find some holographic fans and projector technology that can be programmed with sensors that respond to or are triggered by speech commands and hand gestures. Audio can prove to be an important aspect of your display and can be incorporated with any custom hologram to create a more memorable and branded message.

Having this kind of interactive display at the next trade show is also a way to immerse attendees and potential customers and make giving them lots of information in small quantities much more exciting.

Rent or Purchase the Best 3D Hologram Displays

You can rent or purchase 3D holograms at your next trade show to increase traffic to your booth and drive sales for your company. If you attend trade shows and other events frequently, you may find it more cost-effective to purchase your own 3D hologram display. However, if you attend more infrequently, it makes more budgetary sense to rent the best 3D hologram displays.

One of the Best 3D Hologram Displays For Trade Shows - Fan packed for shipping

3D Holographic Display Fan

A holographic display fan uses a spinning bar, filled with LED lights, to create a 3D hologram. The fan base has a built-in SD card that allows you to swap out images throughout the day. Each fan comes with a kit to help you get set up.

  • 1 LED fan with a 17 in blade
  • 1 SD card with 8GB
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Metal mount
  • 5 Screws (1 standard, 4 extension)
  • 1 Card reader
  • 1 AC adaptor cord
  • 1 User manual

Holographic displays are lightweight and portable, making them easy to store and set up. It's easy to attach a 3D holographic display fan to part of your trade show display structure, or simply set it on a counter or table. 

Example Uses for 3D Hologram Displays

Trade show holograms can be superb solutions for trade show booths. For example, if you are limited on booth space. Perhaps your products are very large, too large to fit into a normal booth space, such as the 3D holohram of the car tire pictured below? 

This is not a problem for 3D holographic displays - they can easily provide a holographic projection of your large product, allowing clients to see them while the both of you are standing inside your small booth space. Thus, the 3D holographic projection saved you the cost of the large booth space and the cost of round trip shipping for your large products!

3D hologram of car tire as sales example for trade shows

3D Hologram of Car Tire

Tips for Creating Holographic Content

  1. The hologram projector can display videos and images.
  2. The software file for your holographic display is stored on a SD card, and can be stored as .avi, .mp4, .png, and .jpg files.
  3. 3D or shaded 2D graphics are needed to give the appearance of a floating 3D object.
  4. Bright colors show up best, especially in high contrast.
  5. Graphics with large shapes show up more clearly than those with small details.
  6. Use a black or transparent background to make your graphic appear to float. The background will appear transparent.
  7. Try to cover the center area of the display with your graphics so the fan hardware is less visible behind the images.
  8. Animated graphics can be rendered at any frame rate, but work best at 24fps and above.
  9. It is highly recommended to use graphics with a resolution higher than the fan’s output resolution of 445pi x 445pi, 26 dpi. Creating graphics at HD quality or higher is recommended.
  10. Multiple videos or images can be played in sequence automatically, simply by labeling the files correctly ( example - name the videos “1_name”, “2_name”, etc.), so they play in the correct order.

If you are giving a stage presentation at a trade show, you can incorporate your presentation into holograms projected onto the stage for everyone to see.

These projections are larger and can show images up to 20 ft tall so long as you have a projector designed for showing large images.

Choosing the Best Hologram for Trade Shows

You may still be wondering how to choose the best hologram for trade shows. Before you select a hologram, there are a few things you should consider.

The Available Space

How much available space do you have? Is it enough room for the projector? If you have limited space, you will want to consider a smaller hologram projector placed on a table or counter rather than the floor. This kind of projector only requires about two feet of space across. The projected hologram will be smaller, but it will still prove to be an effective way of getting attendees to visit your booth. 

A much larger hologram projector will require approximately a five-foot diameter of space. Since it is larger, this type of projector will also come with its own base. You can project a hologram with a larger projector of up to 15 inches tall and 27 inches wide. It creates a more interactive hologram display for your exhibition, and you can choose between multiple hologram presentations for a more memorable experience.

Content and Presentation

You want to have the proper content for your hologram display, so you will want a company to create it. Shorter and more direct content is recommended rather than a longer message. 

An interactive touch screen option is typically available on a dual projector, so attendees can actually choose the topic that is of the most interest to them at your exhibit. This can ultimately lead to more leads and future clients.


You should also consider how well the attendees can see your hologram display. If other booths are blocking it or it simply isn't big enough, then it is not going to attract the positive attention your booth needs. 

The hologram projection should be at eye level to also be seen outside of the booth. It should be bright and large enough as well to boost visibility. It should be seen from a distance and taken seriously. A dual-sided hologram projector, for example, allows you to see the hologram image from both sides, which can greatly help with visibility.


As already mentioned, you want attendees to interact with your booth, and the hologram projection should be what keeps them there to do so. With that being said, consider using an interactive touch screen on both sides of your display. 

Can the Hologram Be Used Outdoors?

Sunlight is suitable for viewing holograms. However, visibility is poor if it is cloudy outside. It is still something you can consider using for your exhibit display, even if the trade show is outdoors. 

Holographic technology uses projected light. This projected light source produces bright two or three-dimensional images. Daylight allows you to see a simple hologram; however, if you want a true 3D projection that you can view from different angles and see from a more true perspective with a wide viewing angle, then you want a laser-based holographic projector. 

Improved Lead Generation

Now that you know the ins and outs of the best 3D hologram displays for trade shows and have taken the time to plan everything out, you need to start preparing for the crowds your display is sure to attract. Keeping track of all of your new leads and contact information can prove to be overwhelming at times, especially at a crowded trade show event.

Apps can be used in combination with your unique holographic branding to help you capture more leads and organize contact information. Don't let all your new leads pass you by. Get organized ahead of time and experience the success of improved lead generation. 

The Bottom Line

If your business has already decided to attend a trade show, the importance of investing in eye-catching displays is easy to understand. New technology like hologram projectors will help attract potential customers that you may not have otherwise reached.

Incorporating the best 3D hologram displays at trade shows will help set you apart from the competition and help give you a better return on your investment. 

If you're interested in a holographic display, please visit the product page, and contact us for more information.