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Trade Show Survey Tips

trade show survey tips

So, I came across an interesting Harvard Business Review discussion about trade show survey tips a while back.  The thesis simply is, you can get more useful information from a short survey than with a long one.  Having spent some time dealing with consumer surveys, I’ve long been an advocate of using shorter ones. (Plus, like most people, […]

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A Guide to Partition Walls

partition walls - floor standing walls sneeze guard acrylic barrier hanging ceiling mount coronavirus covid-19 disease prevention

You may be wondering, why bother with a guide to partition walls? Well, it’s a no-brainer that public settings can get noisy. Loud commotions, people having conversations, phones ringing, you name it. These noises can negatively impact productivity, more so, when collaboration is important. Here’s where partition walls come into play. They are a great way […]

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Breathing New Life in your Exhibit Program

Gone_With_the_Wind poster

“Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!” Have you ever had that reaction to your exhibiting program from management? If so, you’re not alone. Trade show marketing has proven to be effective. Surprisingly, management frequently feels indifferent—or even indignant—about trade shows. Sometimes, they just can’t see how well a strong and strategically planned program will […]

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