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App Corner: Envato Elements

In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  — let’s make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to […]

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Understand Your Customers…Or Lose Them

Backlit Trade Show Counters help attract attention

Why is it important to understand your customers? As an example, in a recent TV commercial, real people were offered a brief presentation from a “certified financial planner”. Those people believed what they’d been told, accepting everything they saw and heard at face value. After their presentation, they were all shocked when they saw video of […]

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Trade Show Chatter Matters


If you want to increase trade show booth traffic, the best thing to do is to become the talk of the town, or at least the show. The first step is knowing how to kickstart the trade show chatter. To become the talk of the show you have to get attendees talking in your trade show […]

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Ten Words You Should NEVER Use In Your Sales Pitch

Are there ten words you should never use in a sales pitch? Absolutely – in fact, there’s more than just ten! Remember, words are not just a collection of letters with dictionary definitions. Some words set off emotional triggers. They can cause conflict and start fights. We’ve heard them all before, and all of us have associations with specific […]

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What a Trade Show is Really About

what a trade show is really about is making your customers happy in your restaurant!

Do you know what a trade show is really about, as an exhibitor? Chances are, you’d respond that it’s about showing your latest and greatest stuff to your top customers and hottest prospects. That’s true, but backwards. Trade shows are about customers and prospects, not your product or service. And if you don’t know what your […]

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Know Your Customers or It Can Kill You!

NEXT 10ft U shape display

We all want a crowded trade show booth, filled with prospects ready to do business with us. But you may be creating obstacles to accomplishing that goal that are actually keeping people away from your exhibit. Why? Because you don’t know your customers well enough, and haven’t given them a reason why they’d want to […]

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Creating A Compelling Trade Show Product Demo

I believe that a large number of trade show product demo’s don’t get the exhibitor the results they want. Why? Because they’re focused on the product, not the prospect. What’s the solution? Making your audience care. And typically, audiences don’t care about features and benefits. They care about what your product can do for them. […]

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