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Virtual Trade Show

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There is no playbook for engaging a global audience as the world navigates this “new normal” brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. What many people have been doing is to figure things out as they go – working from home and doing the best they can to keep their businesses going. Fortunately, virtual events (such […]

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The Emergence of Chinese-Made Portable Trade Show Displays in the U.S.


There was a time when just the mention of Chinese-Made Portable Trade Show Displays in our industry sparked intense negative comments followed by an insistence that such items would never penetrate the market. The products were considered inferior, untrustworthy and a downright insult to every manufacturer and distributor in the United States. I even recall […]

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Trade Show Displays & Tablet PCs

These days, one of the single best multi-purpose items you can purchase for your trade show displays is a tablet computer, such as an iPad for your trade show booth. These have been seen increasingly in more and more applications over the past few years, especially as tablets have become more functional and more affordable. If you […]

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