How to Quickly Empower Your Event Staff

Retail Displays can be configured to please all event staff teams

The environment of the trade show floor is unique and unusual, and unlike any other environment where buying and selling takes place. That’s one reason why your event staff may feel out-of-place or have difficulty actually getting the customer to say “yes” after they’ve presented their product demo. What happens next doesn’t happen in any other selling […]

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How To Build A Better Trade Show Team

Custom Inline Exhibit with Accent Backlighting

Whether you staff your company’s show booth alone or you exhibit at a trade show with an army of hired professionals, you increase your chances of making each trade show you invest in a successful marketing event by making your trade show team better at what they do. In the past, we’ve written about the […]

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Energizing Your Trade Show Booth Staff

If you’re attending a one-day trade show event, it’s easy for your sales team to power through it with energy drinks and pep talks. However, if you’re keeping a staff at your trade show displays through an extended (3-4-5+day) show, you’re going to have to start looking for more creative ways to keep the energy […]

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Successful Product Launch at a Trade Show

In this blog we frequently point out that trade shows are not events – meaning, they don’t just occur at the show for the live event.  Instead, they should be considered processes, that take place over a fairly long period of time. Trade show marketing can be very effective if marketers and exhibitors plan for […]

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App Corner: Envato Elements

In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  — let’s make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to […]

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