Boost The Appeal Of Your Trade Show Display By Going Green!

If you want to promote your company at a business convention, do it by going green and promoting your products with eco friendly trade show displays. Choose the display tools carefully and learn to promote your business by using the right products, trade show displays and promotional gifts.ECO-1009-V1-WEB_revised

Be sure to purchase everything from local businesses and reduce the carbon transportation footprint. By adding a one page eco friendly printout on home, business and vacation recycling tips, you can promote your goals for the world while promoting your own business  – and do both in an eco friendly way.

Begin by choosing recycled paper products or bamboo fiber for your printed trade show displays. Use non toxic printer ink and create a company logo so the same display can be used over and over again.bamboo_flex

Since bamboo is a sustainable product, it can be used as a cloth cover for tables and a background for display stands. It can also be used for your trade show flooring.

Invest in collapsible, aluminum display stands. They are lightweight and are usually made from recycled aluminum and/or recycleable when damaged to create new trade show displays and stands and more products. Graphics printed on recyced fabric look awesome, and can’t be distinguished from normal graphics.bamboo xstand

Choose promotional gifts that are good for the environment. Business cards can be printed on high quality recycled card stock and promotional gifts that provide a purpose for the future can be used as give away items. Choose flower seed packets or small tree seedlings that are ready to plant. ready to plant. Another good seed choice for everyone are herbs that can grow on a kitchen window sill. There are several types of products made from bamboo fiber like totes, caps, tee shirts and scarves. Bamboo makes a very soft, durable cloth and looks wonderful as trade show displays.

Continue your green business theme display by placing a recycle can next to your display table for all aluminum cans and another one for plastic bottles. Once the convention is over, take the recyclibles in to the correct company and recycle. Encourage recycling to everyone that stops at your trade show displays by providing a recycled paper or bamboo fiber bag to use throughout the rest of the day.

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