App Corner: Envato Elements

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In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  -- let's make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to exhibiting!

This issue will be on a new app that can help your brand provide a consistent visual experience, called Envato Elements.

Name: Envato Elements
Developer: Spotted Places
Platform: Web
Cost: $30/mo

Normally this segment covers an interesting App or application relevant to the trade show professional.

And the Envato platform is more a marketplace than an app, but since it could also be one of the most useful items in your toolkit, as either a marketing or sales professional, it made sense to cover it.

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Essentially, Envato allows the user to pay a $30 month fee for access to hundreds of resources, all with the ability to freely use in commercial applications. Fully. Whether you are putting together a trade show display and want a background graphic, or even want to use art assets to create T-Shirts - Envato Elements allows you to do this. Even after your subscription is expired, the license is still good for the application you used it for. Which means you can keep happily churning out (and even selling) the T-Shirts with the assets you acquired licenses to for that one-payment of $30 that month.

The assets are robust and high quality. From photos, to templates, fonts - anything with regard to creative can be covered. This has immediate applications for a trade show professional that wants to create attractive engagement collateral, or put high quality imagery in social media campaigns.

Most of the art comes in AI or PSD files and many of the templates are done in AI, PSD and DOCX formats. There are not a lot of WordPress templates but if you are looking for a resource to create graphics and contents from the site - few options out there will give you the ability to use assets in commercial applications for this kind of price.

Even more compelling, the site itself gives you access to a number of tutorials and ebooks on the Tuts+ site, which cover deeply cover development topics from web to DevOps. If you need to learn to put together a mobile application or build out a ReactJS site - Tuts+ will walk you through it. To get this access included with the subscription is pretty amazing.

Entire marketing proposal templates can quickly be whipped up, sales & customer service document templates, and a number of other sales, marketing, and service templates are at your fingertips. The photos library is not the best in the world but the quality is solid for the pictures they have. Considering that though, for $30 a month, Envato Elements is an absolute steal.

blog app corner envato elements

Next issue: Wednesday October 4th, 2017