What Is An Exhibitor?

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Associations want to attract both startups and easily-recognizable brands to showcase their company’s products and services at exhibition events. But that’s usually not the easiest thing to do. Any event planner will readily agree that it is challenging to keep exhibitors and sponsors happy before, during, and after an event. However, all of that can […]

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The Exhibitors Handbook – Get All the Info You Need

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Exhibiting at industry-related trade shows is a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness, generating leads, meeting face-to-face with existing clients, and engaging with customers. 87% of companies that exhibited in trade shows reported that the exhibitions were highly valuable in achieving their marketing and branding goals. As an official distributor and partner with Orbus […]

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Trade Show Booth Display Ideas That Will Shape 2021

RENTAL - Island Backlit Display with Locking Storage Monitors and Charging Stations

A trade show is a public event or exhibition organized to enable businesses, companies, and other organizations in an industry or field to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. Marketing your latest products and services is always important, and may be even more critical in 2021, as we all struggle to return to […]

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Printed Banner Stands – Quick and Easy Promotion Tools

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Printed banner stands are the crutches on which physical branding for businesses and organizations has been held up for decades. Banners constitute a large portion of branding material as they are convenient to use and modify on the go as situations dictate. Banner stands are user-friendly display units which are critical in delivering your message […]

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