CEIR Report: What do Visitors to your Trade Show Booth REALLY Want?

The Center for Exposition Industry Research (CEIR) has long been the premiere research group investigating the trade show industry, and their reports regularly make waves.  There are few better sources for hard data about exposition appearances and their effectiveness. In their latest release, Exhibition Floor Interaction: What Visitors Want, they address the #1 question facing exhibitors.  […]

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Simple Tips to Cut Trade Show Display Costs

trade show display costs - price vs value

Investing in new exhibition displays and exhibiting in trade shows can become a budget-busting endeavor for hasty marketers. If you don’t currently have a trade show budget, make sure to get one, so you can control your trade show display costs.Many costs and fees that include shipping, booth space, equipment acquisition, furniture costs, and graphics […]

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Should You Rent a Trade Show Booth?

trade show booth rentals

At some point in their marketing life, trade show exhibitors take a long, hard look at their booth and realize the magic has gone out of the relationship. They may wonder if the time has come to rent a trade show booth. That realization and self-questioning can be based on numerous factors:1. Your Booth Has […]

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Designing the Best Trade Show Booths


Updated Nov 2020Creating a Design for the best trade show booths is a combination of art and science. Exhibit designers sometimes try to create unique, elaborate, colorful, and (often) expensive displays that show off their design skills. While showing off mad design skills might be okay too,  it’s important that your exhibition booth design function on […]

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Great Trade Show Display Ideas That Attract More Booth Traffic

Exhibitors with traffic-stopping trade show booths are master magicians. They all know how to “automagically” turn ordinary face-to-face encounters with people into extraordinary business opportunities. And their not-so-secret magic tricks? Innovative trade show display ideas, all superbly done! Some of them are conventional ideas executed to exceed expectations, some are fresh out of nowhere ideas […]

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Trade Show Booth Scheduling: Tips for Success

Custom Trade Show Booth

Tradeshow exhibiting costs money. Organizing your trade show display program can be a complicated and stressful process. This trade show booth scheduling checklist is designed to help you plan effectively without overlooking any of the tasks that could make things more complicated or expensive down the road.You can spend anywhere from a couple thousand to […]

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