How to Get Free Publicity at Your Trade Shows

Do you often find visitors coming to your trade show displays with a copy of a trade publication featuring your product? Have your top executives been introduced to the editors at those trade publications? Have those magazines published case studies from your exhibit, pictures included? What about your exhibit being seen on national television or […]

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Social Media Marketing Costs

Trade show advertise on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others have become the primary source of information, entertainment, and even education for billions of users. Last year, about 4.27 billion people were active social media users globally. According to projections, the number is expected to rise to about 6 billion in five years. With the […]

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14 Best Jewelry Trade Shows For Visit

Best Jewelry Trade Shows For Visit

The best jewelry trade shows of the year provide you with opportunities to sell high-quality merchandise as well as restock jewelry. But beyond buying and selling, these trade events are the best occasions to reconnect and network with exhibitors and industry peers, and also learn about the latest trends and styles. Check out the top 14 jewelry […]

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