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30′ x 40′ Booth for ACIPCO

ACIPCO debuted this 30′ x 40′ exhibit at the AWWA show in 2017, and features high-quality products on the trade show floor. The center of the exhibit is left open, allowing maximum room for the displays of the large machinery. Smartly branded accents walls, entrances, and walls provide additional space for displaying products. The huge fabric tension hanging sign with trusses draws attention to the space and has an additional graphic printed on the inside, maximizing graphic space.

Attention to detail and creating an environment was key in the design of this innovative exhibit. The use of towers, headers, seating, counters, and monitors sets this display apart. Throughout the exhibit guests are presented with multiple product displays and engagement areas designed to educate and start a conversation about the high quality products and services ACIPCO offers.

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