Sustainable Trade Show Flooring

If you read up on the latest trade show industry news, sustainability is a trending topic. California’s Anaheim Convention Center recently earned an award, LEED Gold certification, as a sustainable building. The ecology factor is much more than just awareness of how pollution and waste destroy the environment. In its full scope, sustainability also is part of a healthy lifestyle. Consider how the sustainability features of Anaheim’s Convention Center translate into positive effects in human health:trade show exhibit with sustainable carpet tile flooring

  • Food scraps converted to compost results in the production of agricultural products that are not contaminated with chemical fertilizers that can be toxic to humans if consumed through the foods or polluted groundwater.
  • LED lighting is mercury free, thus protecting humans from a carcinogen that exists in traditional light bulbs. (View all trade show lighting options)
  • Non-toxic cleaning products used throughout the convention center prevent people from being exposed to chemicals that could elevate risk for many things from simple skin irritation to cancer.

It is no accident that Anaheim chose a sustainable model in the design of its convention center. According to the Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, consumers worldwide want to put their money in products and services that have a sustainability factor.

So, our suggestion – for your next trade show exhibit, increase your company’s appeal with a sustainable trade show carpet or carpet tile system that focuses on eco-friendly manufacturing in its design.

There are several solutions available, including:


Rollable, flexible bamboo flooring not only looks great and provides ergonomic comfort, it is a natural material that is eco-friendly. As a durable product that will provide long-term use, it also reduces landfill waste. It is available in more than half a dozen neutral shade variations. It is a good choice for a sustainable trade show flooring option that visibly promotes a company’s commitment to the environment.


FLEX Tile is a sustainable interlocking carpet floor tile system created from 100% recyclable materials, vinyl or carpet. Flex Tile is made in the United States, a dn sustainability takes on many forms with this product. There is the recycled materials and environmental connection – Flex tiles score very well in every factor. Moreover, a product made in the USA delivers a job sustainability factor.

Lastly, there are more than one hundred color choices available. Thus, FLEX Tile offers exhibit designers many more color solutions beyond neutrals, and is a strong contender for being the best sustainable trade show flooring option.

Whatever choice you make, just ensure that trade show flooring is on your to-do list.


As visitors buzz through an exhibit booth, although the aesthetic appeal and physical comfort of quality flooring is obvious, they will probably have no idea that a company has made a deliberate choice where sustainability is concerned. That is why it is important to customize your flooring. Print not only your company logo on your flooring material of choice, but also add a message that communicates your environmental awareness and participation in eco-friendly business practices.

Engagement Impact

Flooring choice for a trade show space not only impacts the environment but also impacts visitors. Greatness is built from the ground up. Sustainability connects the health of the environment with the health of the human and a quality floor does the same thing. Plush carpet backed by soft padding or the spongy comfort of high density foam tiles is the winning exhibit space feature for improved musculo-skeletal comfort for all who attend.

Once visitors arrive, an exhibit organizer wants to keep them engaged long enough to make a winning impression that will last. There is more to this than just having interesting interactive displays or a compelling dialogue.

If visitors are uncomfortable they will keep moving. Many trade show attendees will be on their feet for hours. They will linger wherever relief can be found. Make sure that your sustainable trade show flooring choice offers relief and comfort for their tired feet and aching backs.sustainable trade show flooring tiles

Trust The Experts

An article in a trusted industry source,, compared eco-friendly trade show flooring choices recently, and eco-friendly carpet tiles like our Comfort Flex tiles were one of the top two product types found by the review team.

A key add-on factor, in our opinion, is that if one of the tiles gets damaged – and you thought ahead to purchase extra inner and out tiles with your purchase – you can simply swap out the tile. No other flooring solution offers that simple – and very eco-friendly – choice.

The other factor not considered in the article is ease of use – carpet tiles can be installed quickly by anyone, and can ship in standard – not oversized containers (like long carpet tubes) – cutting down on shipping costs too.

When it comes to selecting the best trade show flooring for your exhibit, trust respected experts who can offer not only top quality products but decades of experience. That is the winning combination for a professional project expedited with ease.

For all the options available, check out our article on the best trade show flooring.