Bonus Space For A Trade Show Booth – The New Frontier

Who doesn’t like to get a little something for nothing? Let’s just admit that we all dream of enjoying a freebie or bonus from time to time. Trade show exhibitors are no exception. So I’ll show you how to get bonus display space in your trade show booth.

Think Vertical

“There’s no place left to go but up.” Or how about: “The sky’s the limit.” These old maxims ring true when it comes to bonus space in your exhibit booth. Who cares about square footage of floor space when most trade shows take place in a convention center with ceilings a mile high? So, if you need to economize and go with the tiniest space offered, no worries! If you have tons of gadgets and products that take up loads of exhibit space, there’s a solution. You can still maximize your exposure and your floor space by aiming high.

Shooting for the stars with vertical displays frees up floor space in your exhibit booth. Guests can move about more freely. This means you can increase your booth space potential for interactive opportunity with your products.

In addition to having loads of space freed up down below by utilizing the dead air overhead for displays, there is also the incredible visibility factor. No matter where a guest is in all that massive crowd of competitors, your company’s logo can still be seen in all of its glory. Floating in the ether of the convention center, it hails like a beacon, calling everyone to check out what you have to offer.

Vertical Displays

Want to be seen from as far away as a football field? A vertical display tower is the gadget that will allow you to optimize space in your trade show booth. However, don’t be a square and think a traditional cube-shaped tower is your only option. Be forward thinking, creative, imaginative, bold and different. Think illuminated funnel or cylinder.


With maximum height possibilities of 20 feet, your booth is visible as far away as a football field. Even more amazing is the ease with which one of these vertical displays can be erected. A fabric skin, customized according to your company’s specifications, simply zips around an aluminum tubular frame. A 20 foot high funnel display weighs about 78 pounds. It can be packed away into two shipping cases making this top wow-factor vertical display even more appealing with its portability.

Light It Up

As if your amazing tower were not eye-catching enough, then you go and add a lighting feature. Guests will be intrigued wondering if a bit of Vegas is at the trade show. And why does Las Vegas go heavy on the bright lights? Because bright lights generate interest. That is exactly what you want for your exhibit. Interest translates into traffic and traffic is the equivalent of potential revenue.

The lighting kits available for tower displays are not your grandmother’s string of Christmas lights. State-of-the-art strips of LED lighting offer maximum brightness. Color options are available to best complement the color scheme of your display. And don’t stop there, add a floodlight to direct attention to a specific booth feature you don’t want anyone to miss. Bump it up a notch with colored spotlights that feature a flashing option. Complete your professional lighting effects with a remote control feature. With outstanding luminosity, increase your football field length visual range to the outer edge of the atmosphere.

The New Frontier

Consider overhead space in an exhibit hall as a new frontier waiting to be explored, invaded with lighting and populated with vertical displays. Going vertical gets you bonus space. Indeed, you do get something for nothing. Actually, you get even more than that. You are able to maximize the potential of the floor space you paid for. So, if you are ready to shoot for the stars with dynamic vertical displays, contact trade show display experts who have the right products for the trade show frontier.