Going to Market Your Brand? Get A Canopy Logo!

If you’re exhibiting your company’s products or services at a trade show or expo, you’ll want to take the opportunity to market your business. First things first, you need a quality printed, branded canopy logo!

When used, either indoors or outdoors, a canopy is user-friendly, portable, and you can use it to advertise your company. 

Can you print a logo on a canopy? You can certainly print your company’s branding on a canopy, and that includes your logo. However, you need to be aware of some important factors as well as the costs involved.  

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about getting a canopy logo. We’ll look at why this is important to do if you’re a business owner, how to achieve it, and if you should consider doing it yourself instead of calling the pros. 

How Are Canopies Printed?

How Are Canopies Printed?

Canopy logo’s are usually printed with the use of a technique known as modern dye sublimation. This provides colorful graphics that are resistant to damage, such as in the form of fading and peeling, that can occur as a result of harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, it’s ideal for use outdoors, such as at trade shows or festivals.

How dye sublimation works is that special dyes are used to print a mirror image of a pattern, logo, or image onto transfer paper. This paper is applied to the canopy fabric and then both are put into a heat press machine.

The heat opens the fabric’s pores and turns the print, which is solid, into a gas that moves into the pores. When the material cools, the pores close up again, which forces the gas to transform back into a solid so that it becomes part of the fabric. 

What’s great about this technique is that it gives your canopy logo a professional appearance. Dye sublimation ingrains the graphic, such as your company logo, into the canopy material. This means that the canopy logo has a canvas-like feel. You won’t be able to feel it when you touch the canopy material.

There’s also another method of printing canopies known as screen printing. How this works is that ink is spread over a screen so that it passes into the fabric underneath it.

Only one color can be used at a time, though, so if you want a multi-colored effect multiple screens will be required. When the image is screened, the fabric is put in a dryer. This sets the ink.

However, unlike with dye sublimation, when you touch the logo that’s been printed onto the canopy, you’ll be able to feel the difference between the print and the canopy material. This is what makes it seem like lower quality than dye sublimation. 

Why Should You Put Your Logo On A Canopy? 

Why Should You Put Your Logo On A Canopy? 

If you’re using a canopy for a business event, there’s no doubt that you need to brand it. Graphics not only help you to make your company stand out in a crowd, like if you’re at a show or expo, but it makes your canopy look professional. People passing it are more likely to remember it, too!

One of the most important types of company branding is to use your logo on a canopy. This will ensure that your business remains in the mind of potential consumers as it increases brand awareness.

Just make sure that the canopy logo is simple and clear, without causing any confusion so that it will have the best effect on people passing by. You’d be surprised how effective a custom 10×10 canopy tent with company logo will be for your event.

This is important as you might be surrounded by competing brands who all have their own canopies, such as at a trade show, so you want to ensure that you can get your message across.

Once you have a custom canopy designed with your business logo, you should use it as much as you can. Use it at trade shows, festivals, and indoor and outdoor expos. 

Where Should You Get Your Canopy Printed?

Where Should You Get Your Canopy Printed?

America Image Displays offers several different sizes and styles of tents and canopy logos, and offers printed single sided and double sided canopy tent walls too – useful if you are exhibiting outdoors, possible exposed to wind or rain or just too much sun. If you’re shopping for a branded tent or a custom canopy tent with logo, please check out our offerings.

What If You Already Have A Canopy? 

What If You Already Have A Canopy? 

If you already have a canopy on which you want to print your logo, it’s a little more difficult to find a company that will brand your pre-purchased canopy. You will have to think out of the box a bit!

The challenge with printing on used fabric is that most printing processes requires a completely clean fabric; once the fabric is out of the warehouse and especially if it has been used, it is almost impossible to re-clean it to the pristine level required for printing. Our printers aren’t set up to do that, and it’s almost impossible to clean a large piece of fabric so that one tiny spot can’t ruin an otherwise nice looking canopy logo.

How Much Does a Canopy Logo Cost? 

How Much Does Printing A Canopy Cost? 

There’s a wide price range when it comes to printing a canopy with your business logo or other information. It can cost you anything from $300 to $1,000, depending mostly on the size of the canopy and the size and quality of the frame. This might seem pricey, but branded canopy tents are re-usable for years, so a heavy duty custom canopy can recoup your investment in just one or two events.

Related Questions

Can you paint a logo on your canopy tent? 

You can paint your canopy tent, but make sure you use high-quality acrylic paint and a GAC 900 fabric medium. This product gets set by heat so that it will remain stuck onto the fabric. 

What is an E-Z Up pop-up canopy?

What is an E-Z Up pop-up canopy?

This type of canopy is popular because it’s so easy to put up, hence its name, which makes it highly portable and user-friendly. 

How do you correctly brand your canopy?

Make sure your canopy’s branding can be seen from all angles. Your logo should be placed higher up on the top of the canopy or along its outer walls. This will ensure that more people will be able to see it. 


If you need a canopy logo for an upcoming trade show or expo, you should consider purchasing a canopy and getting it branded by the same company. While it can cost you a bit of money, it’s usually easier than if you have to find another way to brand an already purchased canopy.

In this article, we’ve looked at how you can print your company logo on a canopy, whether you choose the DIY route or you want to save yourself the hassle and get a custom canopy with branding from a reputable supplier.