Shelter Your Potential Customers with Event Tents

Hosting in an event tent is a business opportunity that plays a key role in making the event a success. Event tents are a great type of display for trade shows, outdoor exhibitions, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and other events. They come in various sizes, designs, and styles that are applicable whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Types of Event Tents

tubular dome tent

There are many classifications for these tents, depending on the properties under consideration, but the most inclusive classes are three:

The Pop Up Tents

These are classic tents with four corners and four legs. Their frame is usually made of metal, either stainless steel or aluminum, which runs down to the legs. They are covered by a canopy that stretches to cover the top of the frame, which shields the occupants of the tent. They are referred to as pop up tents because they fold and unfold into place. They require no tools to assemble.

Tubular Tents

They are made by fitting together separate aluminum or steel poles to create a frame through which a canvas will be slipped through to fit tightly and form the canopy. This assembly does require tools but is still not very engaging.

Inflatable Tents

As the name suggests, these are pumped with air to get to their full size. The canopy is in the mold already, and it expands as the pumping continues. All that needs to be done is to secure it to the ground or floor. They also require tools to set up, most critically, an air pump.

Other classifications have to do with specific attributes of the tents:

  • Dome Tents – These are dome-shaped, as betrayed by the name, and come in various sizes and styles.
  • Kiosks – These are tents with designated counters available inside, which can be used for giveaways or to serve refreshments as concession stands.

Advantages of Event Tents

They Provide Shelter

Event tents protect you and the visitors from outside elements like the scorching sun, rain, dust, and strong winds. They also protect your merchandise from the same elements, allowing you to collect leads, demonstrate products, and have uninterrupted interactions with the visitors.

You can hold their attention for longer in a sheltered environment.

High Adaptability

There are several ways to transform these tents into very efficient marketing tools:

  • Customize the graphics to reflect your brand by incorporating its logo, theme colors, and relevant literature. This should be done to all printed surfaces, from the canopy and tent walls to any other branding material that will be incorporated.
  • Incorporating the tent wall into the design. The tent wall is optional and sometimes included as an accessory but can be bought separately. You can go for a half wall, which will work well as a barrier against unproductive traffic through your tent while allowing air to circulate on hot days. Alternatively, you can get a full wall, which also acts as a backdrop for events and photo ops within the tent.

The walls provide additional space for more messaging and should be incorporated into the tent’s theme to make it aesthetically pleasing and uniquely attractive.

zoom standard popup tent


Event tents are composed of light material by design and will naturally not be hefty. Most frames are made from aluminum. A few are made of steel, silver anodized tubes, and fiberglass. The canopies and sidewalls are mainly vinyl and polyester. This is convenient since they are not permanent structures and require to be moved often.

Easy to Use

Assembling an Event should not take more than a few minutes because the parts are designed to click into their places without involving tools apart from a few special ones. The same applies to dismantling. The benefit of easy setup is that it saves time, allowing you to dedicate more time to prospecting.

Easy to Transport

Event tents are collapsible and usually fit into compact carry bags or cases when they are being transported. They end up occupying a relatively small space in the vehicle. From an exhibitor’s perspective, tents that are lightweight and easy to transport are ideal for facilitating movement from one event to another as the target audience is very dynamic.

Optimal Use of Event Tents

It is futile to have a great marketing tool if you can’t reap the benefits. Below are a few moves that should enhance returns from people who take shelter in your tent:

Anticipate Needs

If the tent is too hot, you can switch on a fan, which is something you should consider for an outside tent. You can also provide drinking water or a hot beverage if it is cold to make the visitor want to lengthen the stay, which opens a larger window for converting the prospect.

Circumstances will keep changing, and you need to make the relevant adjustments.


Take full advantage of the high adaptability of event tents to make a unique presentation that not only reflects the brand but is unique and attractive.

You can tweak the canvas colors, add tent walls or promotional banners or incorporate lights into the display. These will increase the visibility and allure of your tent to visitors.


Get as many of the available bells and whistles as you can for your tent. Not all perks come with the tent automatically, but they all play a role in making life easier while using it.

Small items like light kits are often overlooked until they become an emergency, say if there is a power outage. Other important accessories include weighted bases for light tents to anchor them against winds, carry bags and flag accessories for mounting flags inside the tent.

tent lights open case

Go for Quality

Get it right the first time so that your tent will give you service, and you can reap the returns from the event.

Buy a durable tent; look for a strong, stable, and rust-resistant frame with reinforced truss bars. Quality frames are currently made of aluminum, silver anodized tubes, and fiberglass.

On the other hand, the canopy and sidewall should be fire-retardant, resistant to UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) damage from the sun, oil, dust, and bacteria. You should be able to clean them with ordinary soap and water after exposure to these elements. Vinyl and polyester come highly recommended to produce quality material.

Ensure to print in high resolution so that the colors on the canvas will be striking.

From the business perspective, you are always searching for opportunities to increase your customer base, consider every time you set a marketing event. Therefore, the main purpose of these tent displays is to mark your territory while providing shade for you and potential clients.

Event tents are a brilliant way to get attention at a trade show and provide many opportunities to promote your brand and the products you offer. All you need to do is create a fun, festive, and memorable experience.

They allow you to do this as they easily assemble in a matter of minutes, freeing you to engage your visitors. They are simple to use and convenient to transport. You can use them for sales, food service, and product demonstration.

It is a great asset because it maintains your professional appearance while providing shelter to the attendees, your target for potential customers.