Table Top Display – Why It’s Critical to Make the Most of It

It is becoming harder to invest in marketing in these economic times. More people are inclined to spend on tangible items that provide instant gratification. This discussion has been had in reference to investing in the trade show severally, but a consensus is still elusive.

It is very disconcerting to be at the point where you have to decide to let it all go, especially if you have participated earnestly for many years. It means going back to the drawing board to figure out how else you will meet these prospects.

There seems to be a middle ground from a solution that has been there all along, which is worth checking out. Before checking out completely, there is a way you can scale down the expenditure, reduce the pressure, and keep participating in the trade show.

Whether it is still prudent to invest in high-tech trade show booths with the prevailing financial constraints, the small banner’s protagonists are advocating that it is a better investment. They claim to be breaking even faster than their colleagues who still invest in the show booths.

In this article, we shall analyze the situation from their point of view. They have quite a few points.

horizon 3 fully printed table throw

The Advantages of a Table Top Display


Table top displays give you a lot of bang for your buck. Because of their small size, they are cheaper than their larger display counterparts. Their shipping cost is lower on account of their size, further lowering their cost of purchase. They pay less for the smaller booths at trade shows. They don’t incur any Installation, dismantling, or transport costs for their display items.


Displays for table tops can be used in many other places besides the trade shows. They are used to make presentations at job fairs, executive seminars, conferences, product launches, corporate meetings, presentations, panel board discussions, and a host of other venues. They bring back value for money, even beyond the trade show.

Easy to Transport

Due to their small volume and low weight, you don’t need to contract any courier services; they can easily fit in your car without trouble. Getting them to the car is a one-person job and many have their own shipping case.

They Are Ideal for Small Booths

They comfortably fit in a smaller space making them ideal for smaller booths because they stand on the table, freeing up floor space for foot traffic and easing congestion. This makes it easier to arrange the exhibition in a simple exhibit design. It is especially convenient when you have a small number of employees to man the booth as visitors tend to overwhelm understaffed employees in larger booths.

Maintaining Focus

The fact that the display close to the attendant’s face on top of the table means there is very little room for distractions. Visitors are also drawn to it because of the highly visible display angle. It acts as a focal point.

Empowers You to Dangle Your Business in the Customer’s Face

Since it is always on the table, the customer is not likely to miss it. Table top displays have been used in office receptions, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and clubs to entice customers. Every new offer is printed and openly displayed at a vantage point.

Very Customizable

Every aspect of table top displays can be adjusted to fit your needs; they come in different shapes and sizes. The custom graphics are replaceable; you can change the content and even input your own logos and designs. The personalized touch can give you an advantage in capturing the customers’ attention because it comes off like your operations are very efficient.

Easy Setup

It takes less than a minute for one person to prop up the table top roll up banner, which can be done without involving any tools. Pulling it down is even easier.


Table top displays are easy to move from one place to another because they are lightweight and because they are collapsible and fit into compact carry bags used to ferry them around.

Table top displays come in different styles, each with their own qualities. It is prudent to go through them and find out what sets them apart.

Types of Table Top Displays

Table Top Banner Stand

Like full-size roll up banner stands, the banner retracts into the base when not in use and stays protected when in storage. It is attached through double-sided adhesive to graphic rails at the top and bottom. The bottom goes into a rolling system, which pulls the banner into the base when not in use. When in use, it is held up by a support pole. It can hold up a small sign with minimal table space.

Self-Packing Briefcase Display

This is a briefcase looking shell that opens threefold to reveal the display. The inside of the shell is lined with a Velcro receptive fabric on which the graphics are mounted. The side panels fold into the larger middle panel when not in use, securing the display in the middle. The Velcro holds the graphics intact when packed. It performs well where a compact and light display is needed.

Pop Up Table Top Display

These are made from collapsible truss frames that are collapsible but pop up into their full sizes when expanded to provide structure on which the graphics are pulled tight, removing all wrinkles. The graphics are attached to the frame via Velcro, so they are easy to move.

coyote popup collapsible display

Folding Panel Displays

As the name suggests, these are actual folding panels on which graphics are attached using Velcro. They are folded when not in use for more compact storage. They are also quick and easy to set up with a choice of graphics color to choose from.

Tension Fabric Display

This refers to a display set up in which the fabric has been stretched out to become the display.

Make the Most of It

There are trade shows with few professional displays where a decent, well-presented table top display is conspicuous and will get its fair number of customers. There are also various table top display options available out there that are multi-purpose, constantly reminding us of their worth beyond the trade shows. If well-executed, there is potential for a very cost-efficient marketing strategy here.