Custom Table Cloth: Stand Out. Or Stand Aside.

When you’re planning your trade show display, you want to make sure every aspect fits the theme and look of the space. That includes the custom tablecloth that you designed for your trade show table cover – custom tablecloth sizes are available to fit various table dimensions and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for your display. Advertising space is at a premium in trade show booths, especially the smaller ones, so you should definitely use that advertising and branding opportunity.

custom table cloth

Don’t settle with a dull black or white, “plain jane” table cloth! Instead, create a custom tablecloth to synchronize with the rest of your displays, display your company color and logos, and highlight the products that you want to promote.


Different Size Options:

Custom tablecloths come in various sizes to suit different needs, with custom tablecloth size options available to fit specific table dimensions. It is important to match the custom tablecloth size to the specific table size to ensure a professional and polished appearance. The standard sizes are typically 6ft and 8ft wide. These are often referred to as “full style” if they include a back panel and “economy style” if they do not.

dye sub printed table runners

Most tablecloths are designed for tables that are 28 inches tall and 30 inches deep. However, custom sizes are also available for specific requirements. Table runners offer another option for customization. These are narrower strips of cloth, commonly 30 or 48 inches wide, that can be draped over a solid color table cover. This is a cost-effective option for those on a tight budget and also provides the opportunity to create a contrasting design between the table cover and the runner.

Fabric Varieties:

The fabric choice is crucial for custom tablecloths. There are two main fabric types:

  • Twill (100% polyester): This is the most popular fabric due to its durable and wrinkle-resistant properties. It is lightweight and has a smooth, opaque finish. Additionally, it meets the flammability standards required for trade shows, such as NFPA 701 Small Scale and California Section 13115.

  • Stretch Fabric (Ultra Fit): This fabric is designed to snugly fit the table from the floor to the top, providing a sleek, form-fitting look. The graphics and images are printed on this stretchy material to create a custom fit.

Printing Options:

Printing on tablecloths, especially with printed tablecloths, can greatly enhance the appearance and branding of a trade show display. There are several printing techniques to consider:

trade show table covers
  • Unprinted Table Covers: These are pre-printed in a solid color and are budget-friendly. They are suitable for simple, clean looks, especially when paired with custom table runners.

  • Logo Imprints: Using Perma-Logo technology, the vinyl logo is permanently imprinted on the tablecloth. This ensures that the logo does not peel, crack, or fade, making it a durable choice for logo tablecloths.

  • Full Dye-Sub Table Throws: This method involves printing full-color dye sublimation graphics on the tablecloth. The design can cover the entire fabric, making it visible from all sides, which is ideal for creating a striking impact at trade shows. A table throw offers comprehensive coverage and branding opportunities, and can be customized with logos and artwork.

  • Screen Printing: This technique uses a stencil to create detailed designs. It is particularly effective for color matching and large quantities, ensuring consistency across various promotional materials like brochures and business cards.

  • Applique Prints: This combines a small piece of fabric with a full dye-sublimation print, which is then attached to a larger, unprinted table cover. This method merges the cost-effectiveness of unprinted covers with the vibrant, full-color graphics of dye sublimation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Add My Company’s Logo to a Tablecloth?

printed stretch trade show table covers
Printed stretch trade show table covers

To add your company’s logo to a tablecloth, you can use a printing process such as dye-sublimation. This method ensures bright and accurate colors, making your logo stand out. You simply need to provide your logo file in high resolution to the vendor. Graphics teams can assist in ensuring the logo fits well on the tablecloth.

Where Can I Find a Custom Table Cloth to use at my Trade Shows?

Custom table cloths for trade shows can be ordered from many online vendors. Vendors such as American Image Displays typically provide table covers in a range of styles and sizes tailored to fit standard trade show tables.

What Are the Best Online Platforms to Purchase Custom Tablecloths?

Popular online platforms for purchasing custom tablecloths include our own site, which offers custom printed table covers from a half dozen different printers. They offer competitive pricing, free delivery, and options for free print setup. Additional deals and customization options are often available, making them reliable choices.

Which Materials Are Recommended for Durable and High-Quality Custom Tablecloths?

Durability and quality are essential when selecting materials for custom tablecloths. Polyester is commonly recommended because it is both durable and easy to clean. Additionally, some custom tablecloths are made from stretch fabrics that fit snugly over tables. This type of material is popular for events because it resists wrinkles and looks sleek.

What Are Some Alternatives to Traditional Tablecloths for Tables?

Alternative options to traditional tablecloths include table throws, table runners, and fitted table covers. Table runners can add a splash of color or branding without covering the entire table. Fitted or stretch covers provide a clean, modern look and stay securely in place. These alternatives can be just as effective in enhancing your display.

How Can I Create a Fitted or Stretch Custom Table Cover?

Creating a fitted or stretch custom table cover involves taking precise measurements of your table dimensions. You need to know the length, width, and height of the table. Once you have the dimensions, you can choose a stretch fabric that fits tightly over the table. Many vendors offer customization options where you can provide these measurements and your design or logo for printing.