8 Irresistible Trade Shows In Florida

The United States, and namely Florida, is home to some of the best and most reputable trade shows in the world. Everything from boating and car shows, to wedding/bridal events and business expositions take place each year.

Here are eight of the most well known trade shows in Florida.

Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo

The Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo

The Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo is one of the most well-known bridal and wedding exposition events in the United States.

This event is held annually at the Florida State Fairgrounds Special Events Center, in the city of Tampa.

Whether you have just said “yes to the dress” and are jumping headfirst into the whirlwind of wedding planning endeavours, or are simply looking to enjoy the incredible atmosphere, the Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo is a blast! This show is highly unique and enjoyably interactive.

Chalk full of a variety of tasty food and drink, wedding dresses and other apparel to check out, flower arrangements, and even some music and dancing to enjoy!

Attendees will have the chance to connect with wedding professionals specializing in all of the most important aspects of the wedding experience.

These experts are on hand to help you make the best possible selections and plans for:

  1. Bridal Gowns
  2. Wedding Venues
  3. Bands & Musicians
  4. Destination Weddings
  5. Catering
  6. Entertainment
  7. Florists & Floral Arrangements
  8. Hair/Makeup/Beauty
  9. Wedding Cakes & Desserts
  10. Guest Accommodations
  11. Limousines & Transportation
  12. Dance Lessons
  13. Ceremony Officiants
  14. Rehearsal Dinners
  15. Photographers
  16. Tents & Furniture Rentals
  17. Honeymoons
  18. Decor & Lighting
  19. Tuxedos
  20. Videography

Previous attendees have raved about their experience at the Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo, calling it “the party before the party” and “the pre-wedding shower celebration”. This event is definitely one of the top trade shows in Florida, and a “must visit” for brides and grooms, as well as anyone else looking to enjoy the excitement and spirit of holy matrimony.

Original Miami Beach Antiques Show

Original Miami Beach Antiques Show

The Original Miami Beach Antiques Show is truly an absolute treasure trove of high quality furniture, art, home décor, antiques, vintage pieces, jewelry and accessories.

This event is host to some of the most famous names in the antiques and accessories space, including displays that feature Picasso, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Rolex, Hermès, and Chanel.

This event boasts a number of the most well-respected purveyors who are incredibly passionate about the items they have to offer and are more than dedicated to their area of expertise.

The Original Miami Beach antiques show has something for everyone. Whether you are on the hunt for a perfect piece to add to an existing collection, or are simply looking to browse, enjoy the atmosphere and learn about the industry, this is definitely the place to be!

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show is an event that provides exhibits from more than 600 well respected and reputable dealers.

These exhibitors are international, hailing from over 30 countries to participate for four days. Attendees of this top tier antiques show can explore the well-organized show floor, and have the opportunity to take an in-person look at everything from jewelry, watches, and purses to artwork, furniture, home décor piecesand so much more!

The Original Miami Beach Antique show provides an incredibly useful “Complimentary Appraisal Day” where participants have the opportunity to receive a verbal valuation on their pieces, as well as the chance to consign their items!

On top of this, attendees who would like a guided tour through the historical eras will be provided with custom educational tours led by the premier experts in their fields, totally free! These tours will cover everything from jewelry from multiple significant eras and antique furniture, to all types of art and décor. Take advantage of these free pop up education sessions designed to inspire and provide listeners with valuable knowledge.

The Original Miami Beach Antique show is truly an experience to be remembered. Definitely one of the best trade shows in Florida, and an event that should be added to your visit list!

Florida Fast Expo

Florida Fast Expo

The Florida Fast Expo is one of the most highly regarded automotive vendor events in the United States. This event runs annually and features high performance street cars, hot rods, custom vehicles, race cars, 4×4 trucks, imported vehicles and more!

The Florida Fast Expo gives attendees the chance to take a look at supercharged exotic muscle cars, souped up trucks, and other highly sought after vehicle categories.

On top of that, people who take the time to come out can learn about the latest in available aftermarket auto parts and accessories, as well as having the chance to connect and chat with tech gurus, specialists, vendors, and other car enthusiasts!

This event features over 150 vendor exhibits that range from performance vehicles to trucks and timeless classics.

The show has been constantly growing and adding to its repertoire of incredible content, including live engine building demonstrations, the NASCAR simulator, industry celebrity appearances and so much more.

Attendees have the chance to win over 100 door prizes distributed throughout the day, as well as an hourly TV raffle. On top of these giveaways, the last hour of the show features a grand prize draw for a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to stick around for a chance to win!

The Florida Fast Expo is one of the premier automotive exhibition events to take place in the United States, and definitely one of our favorite trade shows in Florida.

The Franchise Show

The Franchise Show

The Franchise Show is one of North America’s best franchise and business opportunities events.

The Franchise Show, hosted in Orlando, Florida, is an exposition that showcases some of the fastest growing and most promising business opportunities and franchises in operation.

This event draws attention from thousands upon thousands of potential franchisees and prospective business partners. Attendees have the opportunity to discover and connect with the most successful franchises and new opportunities, all under one roof!

An incredible resource, and the opportunity to save hundreds of hours in research and due diligence time.

One of the most promising trade shows in Florida, the Orlando Franchise Show offers free seminars for attendees to educate themselves and learn about franchise ownership.

Make well informed decisions about future business endeavours, strategic investments and overall financial developments. On top of that, participants can learn about starting and growing their very own business.

Some of these seminar and in-person education sessions include discussions regarding important topics and areas of interest such as:

  • How To Choose The Business For you
  • Legal Advice
  • Financing Strategies
  • Franchising Processes
  • Much more…

The Orlando Franchise Show is definitely one of the most attractive trade shows in Florida for prospective franchisees and business investors. Be sure to consider this event for your exposition visit list this year!

Cannabis LAB Conference & Expo

Cannabis LAB Conference & Expo

The Cannabis LAB (law, accounting & business) Conference & Expo is an event that focuses primarily on the most important developments and issues that impact the cannabis industry as a whole.

This is so much more than your typical run of the mill conference full of seminars and long, uninspired lectures. The Cannabis Lab Conference & Expo is an interactive, immersive experience that is chalk full of important educational resources regarding the constantly changing cannabis industry.

Hosted at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in the heart of Miami, this event provides attendees with the chance to connect with high quality educators, thought leaders and exhibitors who have a variety of experience.

The Cannabis LAB Conference & Expo has managed to create a B2B and B2C hybrid environment that allows everyone from big cannabis company CEOs to smaller startup members and even simply the canna-curious attendees to feel welcome.

The upcoming year’s event has been improved by adding specific tracks for those who know what kind of education they are seeking beforehand. The interactive expo hall is host to classes for consumers, happy hour sessions after parties and entertainment and lots of great surprises.

This unique event is host to keynote speakers such as Saul Kaye (founder and CEO of iCAN – Israel-Cannabis), brand leaders, celebrity personalities, and the industry’s brightest individuals. Some of the companies participating in this year’s event include:

  • ACS Laboratory
  • Cannabis & Tech Today
  • Green Roads
  • The Florida Hemp Council
  • Real Cloud Pros
  • CannaWorks Institute
  • Ardent
  • Green Key Solutions
  • And so many more…

The Cannabis Law, Accounting & Business Conference & Expo is one of the newest and most promising cannabis trade shows in Florida and the United States as a whole. Keep this event in mind for your exposition visits this year!

Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show

Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show

The Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is one of the most well known marine trade show events in Florida, and has been since 1969.

The Miami International Boat Show has recently partnered with SuperYacht and the Miami Yacht Show in order to create the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show.

This event is regarded as the largest boat and yacht event in the entire world, as well as one of the most important trade shows in Florida, and it attracts exhibitors and attendees from all over the globe.

This event provides participants with the chance to observe and learn about everything from kayaks and canoes to speed boats and super yachts. The latest in aquatic innovations are on display for people to discover, while the atmosphere provides an exciting and fun-filled experience for all!

The on-land portion of the event will, at this year’s event, take place at the newly renovated and redeveloped Miami Beach Convention Center and Pride Park.

On the other hand, the in-water components of the show will take place at a number of other high quality venues including the Sea Isle Marina, One Herald Plaza, Museum Park Marina, and IGY Yacht Haven Grande at Island Gardens.

Throughout past years, the Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show have attracted hundreds of thousands of attendees to South Florida to participate in this historic event.

It is estimated that this event has an overall annual economic impact of somewhere around 1.5 billion dollars, cementing itself as one of Miami Florida’s milestone events of the year.

With over 1000 exhibitors and thousands of top tier machines on display, there is plenty for attendees to see and experience over the five day spanning event.

On top of the incredible boats and marine gear, there is a variety of other entertainment including live concerts, food and drink, interactive boating experiences and more.

The Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is one of the must attend trade shows in Florida. Another event to keep in mind for your exposition endeavours!

Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Coconut Grove Arts Festival

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is an event that has been considered Miami’s original art district for quite some time. Its unofficial inception is said to have occurred in 1963 when local theatre connoisseur Charlie Cinnamon asked a group of locals to recreate an outdoor Parisian exhibition as a sort of publicity stunt to draw attention to the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

The Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association honors his legacy to this day through the tradition of providing the South Florida community with access to visual, performing and culinary arts experiences. The festival’s official address is 2700 Bayshore Drive in Miami, Florida, right next to Biscayne Bay.

It runs throughout the connecting streets of McFarlan Road, South Bayshore Drive and Pan American Drive. Today, this incredible arts festival attracts something like 120,000 people annually to Coconut Grove.

This event truly has something for everyone, with a kid-friendly zone that is fun and educational, and a family zone that is chalk full of activities for everyone in the group! Produced by the Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association, the stunning gallery at Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a contemporary art gallery and neighborhood institution.

The gallery takes pride in creating, contributing and leading a wide variety of inspiring arts education and community-based events.

This is definitely one of the best trade shows in Florida for anyone interested in visual, culinary and the performing arts. Check it out!

Miami Gun Show

Miami Flordia Gun Show

The Miami Gun Show, run by the Florida Gun Shows organization, is an event that is highly regarded by the firearm enthusiast community of the United States.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment to safety and quality, as well as continued success year after year, this event is home to some of the most reputable exhibitors in the game.

These events are regarded as a one-stop shop for new and used items including antique firearms, all varieties of ammunition, shooting supplies, knives, shooting accessories, scopes, clips, holsters, carrying cases, range bags, hunting gear, concealment products, apparel and more! All of the highest quality.

There is truly something for every interest category. Knife enthusiasts can enjoy the exhibits presented by a number of quality knife dealers, including custom knife makers, and sharpeners.

For those interested in self-defense products, there is a wide selection of tasers, stun guns and pepper sprays, as well as other high quality products.

Buy, sell and trade is the Miami Gun Show motto. The event organizers aim to put on an excellent show year after year that is fun, educational and effective, while maintaining a level of safety that is unmatched. Here is a brief list of the show rules:

  • Guns may be brought into the show for the purpose of sale, appraisal and trade, or as an accessory
  • Firearms must be unloaded prior to entering the show
  • No loose ammunition is permitted within the venue. Leave all loose ammo at home.
  • All magazines and clips must be empty and removed from the gun at all times while attending the show
  • The security officers on site will check any guns at the front entrance and follow up by securing it with a plastic tie strap to disable the guns firing mechanism.
  • The safety tie must remain on the gun at all times
  • Service animals are permitted, with confirmation in advance
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

The Miami Gun Show is among the most prestigious trade shows in Florida and the United States as a whole. For the firearm and self-defense enthusiasts, this annual event is definitely something to consider!

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