Trade Show Exhibit Booths Manufacturer

Trade show booths have evolved over the years. Regardless of your industry, there is an increasing demand to stay ahead of the competition by trying out the latest booth layouts, elements, and technologies.

More businesses are working with a trade show exhibit booths manufacturer to make their booth stand out from the competition. Trade show exhibit companies can provide customized designs and eye-catching elements to draw potential customers to your booth.

an example of a custom booth made by a trade show exhibit booth manufacturer

Why Should You Choose a Trade Show Exhibit Booths Manufacturer to work with?

Deciding to work with a trade show exhibit booth manufacturer may be an expense that your company did not budget for, but can help you save money in the long run. Choosing a professional booth company provides you with these benefits:

  • Ordering a complete design can be cheaper than piece-mealing a booth together on your own
  • Maximize your booth space
  • If a design element is not in stock, dealers will work to create a custom solution
  • Rental options save on storage fees

Work With a Trade Show Exhibit Booths Manufacturer for Increased Attention

Choose from the custom rental and purchase options to add to your booth or create a personalized layout. Working with the right exhibit manufacturer will help you increase your brand awareness and get more return on investment. 

Look for details like their references and their website so you can get a better understanding of the type of work they do. Most companies are happy to provide references upon request. Here are some things to consider when choosing which exhibit company is best for you.

Availability of In-House Graphic Designers

Many trade show exhibit companies are now offering in-house graphic designers that will work with you to create personalized graphics and images for your displays. This one-stop-shop approach will make ordering your trade show booth easier and more streamlined.

When choosing which trade show exhibit booths manufacturer to work with, be sure to ask them about design and setup fees. Some graphics companies will send you an estimate but markup certain services or charge hidden fees in their final invoice. This can be frustrating if your business or department has a strict marketing budget.

Use the Latest Technology

Signing on with a trade show manufacturer allows you to sample the latest trade show exhibit technology. To stay ahead of the curve, companies are utilizing innovative display and interactive elements to keep visitors engaged. Here are some upgrades you may consider.

  • LED back-lighting
  • Offering a cell phone charging station
  • 3D hologram displays
  • Tablet kiosks
  • Virtual reality experiences

While these trends are sure to get you noticed, everything comes down to cost. If you are renting these elements, ask your trade show booths manufacturer how many times they have rented these items out. Avoid getting displays that look too worn out or may not work properly. LED lighting packages usually come in rows of lights, so make sure all of the lights work.

Offer Rental Displays

Today, many trade show manufacturers are offering rentals to businesses who are starting, looking for a custom option, or are short on storage space. While rentals are great if you have a smaller business or a tight budget, companies looking to test out branding or are considering a company re-branding may benefit from renting a display. 

Renting takes away the long-term commitment to graphics, and elements that you may decide are unnecessary or need changing.

Trade show exhibit companies will also provide setup and cleanup services or partner with companies that you can book through them. This will help your sales team focus on the day rather than assembling a large display.

Renting may not be the answer for all companies. Trade show exhibit booths manufacturer companies build rentals from prebuilt elements. Therefore, you may not be able to fully customize your design if certain elements are not in stock. Some of your elements may also come with wear and tear because they were rented out previously.

Custom Trade Show Displays

There is so much competition when attending trade shows, regardless of your industry. Many companies are looking to work with trade show manufacturers to build custom booth displays that will attract attendees' attention. 

Trade show exhibit companies now have creative staff ready to work with you to create a custom design that draws positive attention to your brand. You can customize virtually any part of your display, including these key elements.

  • Dimensions
  • Branding and graphics
  • Floor plan
  • Flooring
  • Hanging structures
  • Lighting
  • Technology

Custom booth designs provide an innovative and captivating solution to drawing crowds to your booth. However, if you do not attend many trade shows each year, then having such a personalized design may be too costly. They are also a lot to set up logistically, and you need to train your staff or hire an outside company to help with setup.

If you are confident in your design and have the money to invest, a custom trade show booth is a guaranteed way to boost your trade show return on investment.

Reputation and Experience

As trade shows become more popular, so does the demand for trade show manufacturers. Some companies will offer you a proven reputation and years of experience helping businesses meet their marketing needs. Others may be newer and promising innovation but lack a portfolio to back it up.

When you are researching trade show exhibit companies, look for accreditation's, like being a member of the Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA). The EDPA is an internationally-recognized organization that recognizes exhibit manufacturers across the globe. 

Also, look for customer-focused accreditation's like badges from the Better Business Bureau. This will help assure management that you are spending your budget on a trusted business

The Bottom Line

It has become increasingly competitive to attract customers to booths at trade shows. To compete in this changing market, trade show exhibit booth manufacturers have become more competitive by creating innovative displays to draw attention to your business.

Attending trade shows can be a significant expense for your business. Get the best return on investment by working purchasing your displays from a trade show exhibit booths manufacturer that best fits your company’s brand.

Trade Show Exhibit Booth FAQ

Still have some questions about your trade show exhibits and how best to display your brand at the next trade show? Go through our FAQ to find the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding trade show exhibits and displays. 

Why should you use trade show exhibits?

When you participate in trade shows, you are making a great impression with potential clients and producing new sales leads and customers. Having a professional trade show exhibit design is a good place to start. Having the help of a professional designer who understands how to use limited exhibition space much more creatively is always an advantage.

What are some truly unique ways to stand out at trade shows?

With so many other trade show exhibit booths, you want to find the best way to stand out and get people to your booth. To do this, give away something unusual or memorable, create a buzz among the attendees with humor or an awesome video you created, work with a trade show exhibit booths manufacturer to design a customized booth that will stand out, and make sure to promote your booth.

Why build branded custom exhibits?

When you take the time to build branded custom exhibits for a trade show, you are finding a better way to visually define your brand. You can create a more branded experience for attendees and connect with your target customers. It also sends a message to your industry that you are here, and you know what you are doing.

What are some best tradeshow practices?

When you have a trade show exhibit booth, you need to be sure to engage and greet people. Be approachable and enthusiastic without being overly aggressive or too salesy. You don't want to give anyone a reason to walk by. You also don't want to talk quietly among colleagues or turn your back to the aisle because this is not welcoming behavior. Finally, invest in a good display to attract attention and establish a presence at the trade show.

What are the benefits of modular displays for a trade show?

A modular display is built with the idea of reconstruction, so they are incredibly easy to put up and take down in any event space. They are also easy to transport, which is good news if you find yourself at several trade shows per year. 

What are the different types of trade show displays?

If you attend or participate in trade shows frequently, then you are already aware of how many different types of booths there are. Pop up displays are portable and easy to set up and allow for a more custom exhibit. Panel trade show exhibits are more structural and are often used for tabletop displays and back walls. Panel displays can also be used to create larger exhibits that include backlighting, product display, counters, and bridges.

Hybrid displays are more up to date and custom, which can make your booth stand out even more. A hybrid display is also a portable display and easy to set up, although it is still a bit more difficult than the setup process for a pop up display.

In addition, you can also choose banner stands, graphic tents and canopies, pipe and drape displays, and hanging displays for your trade show exhibit booth. It all really depends on your budget, the level of customization you want to achieve, and how much attention you want your booth to attract.

How valuable is an exhibit designer for the next trade show or event?

An exhibit designer is a professional that creates fixtures and display stands for large events, including trade shows, conferences, and more. They make sure all necessary supplies are ordered to create an eye-popping and memorable exhibit design and display to get you noticed. They plan, develop, and produce the physical displays and work closely with you to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful event.