Three Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands Now Available

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer dispensers have become a new requirement for most businesses, and even many homes. As we all prepare to re-open our businesses after the COVID-19 shutdown, we need to be sure to provide clean and safe environments for our employees and visiting clients. 

In the last two months, we have put our heads together and developed 2 incredible solutions to aid businesses in reopening. We've now added a third design, which shares features from both of the first two designs.

The most important feature is that all three sanitizer dispensers are touch-free units - compared to manual units, this means that people don't have to touch the dispenser and potentially share germs. We'll compare and contrast the features of each stand below. 

Twist Touchless Spray Sanitizer and Post Stand

Our newest sanitizer dispenser stand, the Twist Touch-less stand combines features of our other two sanitizer dispenser options. 

It is a touch-less, automatic dispenser, designed for use with a spray sanitizer fluid, like the WB dispenser. However, this spray dispenser is mounted to a post stand (like the XV unit), and does not include a banner stand.

The Twist touchless spray sanitizer stand is our lowest cost unit, especially when you consider it comes with batteries and 1000L of spray sanitizer fluid!

In stock, ships in 1-2 days from VA.

XV Touchless Gel Sanitizer Dispenser and Post Stand

The XV model is a battery operated, touchless liquid gel dispenser, mounted on a post. It is available with a Purell dispenser or with an unbranded generic dispenser. The Purell version uses a 1200 ML Purell refill; the non-branded dispenser instead contains a 40 oz bottle that can be refilled with any liquid gel sanitizer fluid. Neither version comes with batteries or sanitizer fluid; those need to be purchased separately.

This sanitizer dispenser normally mounts to a 45”h Post, and has a 15” x 15”d wooden base. The post is a typical trade show aluminum extrusion, light weight and with a life time guarantee. The base is designed to be large enough to hold optional added signs on the side or top of the dispenser stand. (This dispenser is also available as a wall mounted unit.)

The WB Touchless Spray Sanitizer Dispenser and Banner Stand

The WB model is also battery operated, but it is a spray dispenser, and it is mounted to a double-sided banner stand. The WB comes with batteries and 32oz of spray sanitizer. 

The WB sanitizer dispenser stands are built on our popular Waveline backwalls and banner stand displays. These stands use light weight aluminum poles with pushbutton assembly, and feature full color dye sub prints on fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. This model of dispenser is not currently available in a wall mounted configuration.

The WB banner stands are available in 24" wide and 36" wide models; both are 90" tall. They come with one sanitizer dispenser normally, but can be fit with two dispensers, one mounted on each side of the banner stand.