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One of our favorite partners has released a new product – the Panoramic display system, a new Full Graphic Solution that is now in full scale production. The idea behind the product is extremely simple – to create a full graphic solution where an aluminum extruded display stand frame is fully integrated with dye-sub fabric graphics.

Up until now, the fabric used in extruded exhibits has just been an add-on, because most aluminum profiles were all created as heavy, structural frames, built to hold rigid substrate graphics.

There have been great strides in the evolution of how fabric graphics are added to extrusion exhibits, but these updates were added to the extrusions, and not fully integrated as part of the display stand. We experienced the “beading” craze that started in the early 2000’s and then the SEG wave that began in 2008, but the Panoramic solution (Patent Pending) is a major step-change, that uses the fabric graphics as a building material, fully integrated with some very unique extruded profiles.Pano_TowerB_UsThem-resized-600

Shown above on the left, the new Panoramic graphic system is integrated with the aluminum extrusion so that the graphic completely hides the frame, allowing an un-interuppted, full graphic.

We have towers, counters, walls, and even full rooms designed with the new Panoramic system. The towers currently come in two sizes and three different shapes; there are two counter widths, two room designs, and four different wall shapes, in 10ft and 20ft widths. Lots more designs will be added in the months to come!


The counters shown above are 40″ tall, with storage, and cost approximately $1600.


The walls shown above demonstrate two of the possible configurations; on the left is a 20ft wide flat wall, cost approximately $8500; on the right is a 10ft wide zig-zag wall, costing approximately $6500. There are several additional configurations available.

panofademan_rooma_sm-resized-600We can also build complete, enclosed rooms, with storage areas, for private meeting areas at your next trade show.

On the left is a 10ft x 10ft room, with a single, continuous graphic wall on the inside and outside walls – cost with shipping case approximately $19K.

And we have towers in several different sizes; these can be positioned at the corners of your display, or in the center of your island displays – the full graphics allow your message to be seen from every angle!


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