Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

We offer two models of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, both models are battery operated, and both are touchless dispensers. Both models require about 10 minutes of minimal assembly, with a hex key (provided).

XV Model: Purell AND generic dispenser stands

XV Post Stand

WB Banner Stand

WB Banner

The XV model is primarily a gel dispenser, mounted on a post. It is available with a Purell dispenser, which requires Purell gel sanitizer. The XV is also available with a generic dispenser that works with any gel sanitizer. The XV models require batteries and gel sanitizer fluid, which need to be purchased separately.

The WB model is a spray dispenser, mounted to a double-sided banner stand. The WB comes with batteries and 32oz of spray sanitizer. 

Full descriptions of both models are provided below.

The XV Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

The XV hand sanitizer dispenser stand design takes advantage of one of our iPad stand hardware designs. This economical hand sanitizer dispenser is constructed with a post made with an aluminum extrusion. That makes these hand sanitizer dispensers more stable and more durable than many of the cheap flimsy stands available online - this is reflected in the lifetime hardware warranty offered on the XV post stand.

The Purell hand sanitizer dispenser (or Gojo parent company model) that is available on our XV post is Purell's standard touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. This sanitizer dispenser uses a sensor to dispense gel sanitizer fluid when motion is detected, providing sanitizer fluid in a movable, but sturdy, hands-free dispenser.

Both the Purell and the Gojo-branded hand sanitizer dispensers can be refilled with Purell® 5456-04 TFX Advanced 1200 mL Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer, and can be used in any public space to provide the peace of mind that comes with America's #1 hand sanitizer.

The XV post is also available with an unbranded or generic hand sanitizer dispenser. This generic dispenser is very similar to the Purell hand sanitizer dispenser, except that it contains a 40oz internal bottle, and can be refilled by simply filling up that bottle with any gel sanitizer. A generic foam dispenser is also available by special order.

You can see the Purell/Gojo stand and the unbranded hand sanitizer dispenser stands in the photo's to the right; the dispensers are shown side by side, closed and opened, to allow easy comparison.

The XV post stand can also be fitted with a generic foam sanitizer dispenser; let us know if you prefer a foam dispenser rather than a gel dispenser. (The different fluids require different pumps, and are not interchangeable.)

  • The XV post hand sanitizer dispensers do not come with sanitizer fluid. That needs to be ordered separately. 
  • The XV post All of these units need batteries, which are not includedbut readily available. The non branded white dispenser uses 6 AA batteries. The Purell dispenser uses 3 C batteries.
  • The XV post dispenser stands are made in the USA; the dispensers are made overseas. The stands come with a lifetime warranty; the dispensers come with a 1 year warranty.
  • These hand sanitizer dispensers come with the dispenser attached to the post, just needing to attach the base plate with a single hex key (tool included in the package.)
  • The XV post dispenser stand can be fitted with a sign on top of the hand sanitizer dispenser stand. Signs can also be placed on one or both sides of the sanitizer dispenser stand, to add branding messages or cleaning instructions to the dispensers. 

TurnaroundComponents in stock, normally ship in 3-5 days from Florida. 

May 2020 update: Due to large numbers of orders, current lead times are approx 2-3 weeks. Also, if you prefer the Purell sanitizer dispenser and need to use it immediately, please check to ensure that Purell sanitizer refills are available.

XV.HS Series Hand Sanitizer Dispensers available:

XV.HS.1 - Hand Sanitizer Stand (45”h Post, 15” x 15”d base) and 1 Purell/Gojo Sanitizer Dispenser

- Hand Sanitizer Stand (45”h Post, 15” x 15”d base) and Non-Branded 40oz Dispenser

XV.HS.2 - same dims, adds 2 side graphics (left most item in Purell image )

XV.HS.3 is 67”h, includes a 15” x 15”d sign on top (2nd from left in Purell image )

XV.HS.4 is 67”h, includes 23”w x 67” printed stand-off panel (on the right in Purell image )

XV.HS.5 is the same as the XV.HS.4, but adds one locking iPad mount in front (3rd from left in the Purell image)

purel hand sanitizer dispenser stands
XV Model: Purell AND generic dispenser stands
XJ Post: Purell - Gojo dispenser stand AND generic dispenser stand - both open
displensers ready to ship
wall mounted dispenser

The WB Model Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The WB model hand sanitizer dispensers use our Waveline banner stands, providing double-sided branding and advertising messages with spray sanitizer dispensers. These are a great solution for banks and higher end stores and malls, as well as at trade shows and conventions when they re-open.

The Waveline banner stands use aluminum tubes to create the shape, with a double-sided fabric graphic and a full color dye sub print. The graphic is a pillow case shape that slips over the stand and zips shut. The fabric is made from our One Planet  recycled fabric, and is machine washable if soiled. Like any fabric graphic, these can be easily replaced if needed.

The Waveline banner stands have an attachment inside the frame that holds a spray sanitizer dispenser. This spray hand sanitizer dispenser comes with fluid and batteries. It can be refilled with most spray sanitizer products. We can also provide these spray refills for you.

The WB model hand sanitizer dispensers feature a double-sided graphic print, and a single spray dispenser - but they can also be ordered with a dispenser on both sides (special order).

The Waveline banner stand is available in either a 24" or 36" width (custom dimensions are available by special order).

  • The Waveline hand sanitizer dispenser banner stands come with spray sanitizer fluid, and we offer replacement spray. 
  • The Waveline banner stand sanitizer dispensers come with batteries included.
  • The banner stands are made in the USA; dispensers are made overseas. The banner stands come with a lifetime warranty; the dispensers come with a 1 year warranty.
  • These hand sanitizer dispensers come disassembled. Assembly of the banner stand kit will take one person about 10 minutes, and only requires an allen key (included).

Turnaround: Components in stocknormally ship in 3-5 days from Florida. May 2020 update: Due to large numbers of orders, these are shipping in approx 2-3 weeks.

WB Series Hand Sanitizer Dispensers available:

WB290B-S - Sanitizer Dispenser with 24" x 90"H Double-Sided Banner Stand

WB390B-S - Sanitizer Dispenser with 36" x 90"H Double-Sided Banner Stand

STZ-32oz - Spray Sanitizer Refill

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Banner Stands
JetBlue Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Office Depot Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Features
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Drip tray attachment
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