Are Outdoor Tents for Events Worth It?

When planning trade shows and other outdoor events, you must consider if you need a tent covering, and whether outdoor tents for events are worth the investment.

Tents certainly have lots of benefits for outdoor events. They are weatherproof, elegant, and can be set up in no time. They can also be customized to meet the requirements of your business.

However, are they really worth it? Also, what are the different types of tents available, and which type will best serve your outdoor event? Is it possible to go for the wrong tent? Remember, you’ll also need to customize the tent.

So, we’ll look at the pros and cons of using a tent for your outdoor events, possible alternatives, how much they cost, and where to get them. But first, we’ll answer what outdoor event tents are, and how they can help your business.

What Are Outdoor Event Tents?

outdoor tents for events

Outdoor event tents are partially enclosed canopy structures that are used to host outdoor events, parties, weddings, and shows.

There are two broad types of event tents—those with center poles and those without, that is, pole tents and frame tents.

Types of Event Tents

Pole tents are the most common type of event tents and they come in different sizes. They are so-called because they have poles that connect and support the tent structure. 

There are, however, some disadvantages to pole tents. One is that they can’t be used on all surfaces. Because they need to be staked, outdoor events on concrete surfaces are not ideal for pole tents.

Again, because of the main pole that supports the canopy, there may be some form of obstruction to participants’ views. However, for trade shows, this should not be a problem.

Heavy-duty pole tents, which are ideal for large gatherings, are used for weddings and big religious meetings.

Although they have no internal poles, frame tents are supported by metal frames, usually aluminum. Frame tents do not have or need any poles for additional support. Therefore, they have an advantage over pole tents. 

Another type of frame tent is the clear span structure, a heavy-duty tent with vinyl roof panels and sidewalls.

How Long Does it Take to Set up an Outdoor Tent for Events?

How Long Does it Take to Set up an Outdoor Event Tent?

If you’re setting up an event tent for an outdoor event, the length of time it takes depends on how large it is. The smaller the tent, the quicker it is to put up.

Some small tents could take as little as ten minutes to set up—they also don’t require any special skills. The same can’t be said of bigger tents, which may require some planning and time.

Medium tents may require an hour or more to set up, depending on the tent type. If they need many accessories, expect that to increase the time required.

If your company event requires a large tent, then you should devote adequate time to the set-up.

However, large tents do require specialized crews and machinery, which often reduces the time that you personally would have spent setting them up.

You shouldn’t be setting up a large tent on the day you’ll be starting an event—you’ll need to leave time for any adjustments.

Typically, large tents take more time, but if done with specialized equipment, they could be ready in only an hour. Most large tents also come with many accessories, which adds to the total time spent.

Depending on the weather, ground, and size, the time required for setting up an outdoor event tent varies.

What Are the Costs of an Event Tent?

What Are the Costs of an Event Tent?

You should factor in the cost of an event tent for your trade show or public event. If you’re planning to use an event tent, here’s an idea of what you’ll spend.

The overall cost of a new event tent clearly depends on the size, print requirements, and accessories, but the smallest ones start at just under $500. Prices go up as you add printed side walls, or make the tent larger, etc. But most clients recover the cost of a tent purchase at their first event.

Where Can You Get an Event Tent?

Where Can You Get an Event Tent?

Any hardware store sells camping tents and recreational tents. However, if you’re looking for nice looking tents for outdoor events, you should be visiting your friendly trade show display supplier.

Events designed to market services and products are similar, regardless of whether the actual event takes place indoors or outdoors. Branding, controlling traffic flow, and great looking printed graphics are key, and these are also the focus of any good trade show display supplier.

Are Outdoor Tents for Events Worth It? 1

Tent designs for outdoor events change with every new season, much like car designs, and if you’re looking for a new design, be sure to check out the latest changes.

When choosing an event tent, you must ensure that your needs will be adequately met. Portable tents with half and entire walls are easy to set up, take about 10 minutes, and are available for $1,150.

The portability of these tents means that they can be used for several outdoor events. They come with a pebble powder coated steel frame, plastic gliders, a crank-up canopy for easy set-up, a high-quality, flame retardant, weather resistant 400 denier polyester canopy, and a lifetime warranty.

You can also get different accessories, like sail sign mounts, tent corner banner kits, corner banners, standard frames, deluxe frames, canopies in different colors, frame dust covers, half wall brackets, and tent water weights, all at affordable prices.

So, if you want to stand out at your next event, you now have choices for your tents and your accessories.

Do Some Events Require Outdoor Tents for Events?

Some Events That Require Event Tents

Let’s be honest, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for tents has greatly increased. Event tents allowed for safer spaces for those who have to be outdoors.

Tents enable a lot of fresh air and provide aesthetic appeal for an event. Since they can also be customized, brands who use trade shows to win over clients also use tents.

Events like birthday parties, baby showers, wedding ceremonies and receptions, retirement parties, family reunions, graduation parties, and holiday gatherings are usually held under tents, although they are not mandatory.

Trade shows produce a greater appeal under tents, and organizers always do their best to find the most appropriate tent or booth for their goods and services.


Since tents are immensely beneficial, you should consider holding your next event in one. You can buy or rent tents depending on what your needs are.

Despite the cost of tents and their many accessories, they are still worth every penny spent on them.

Different types of tents are appropriate for various events and weather. You should find one that will serve your needs appropriately. And using a tent might fit your product theme or trade show theme.

If you have problems identifying the best tent for your outdoor event, contact outdoor tent specialists for advice on what type you should go for.