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Booth in a Bag: Backdrops without frames

The Wall is specially designed for large, dye sublimation graphics. The structure is constructed to adjust from 48″ to 144″ wide and 36″ to 144″ high. The Wall has an adjustable, heavy-duty, lightweight, aluminum alloy constructed frame with simple twist-together assembly. Strong horizontal and vertical, extension poles ensure extra stability.


Our Booth in a Bag is a great, ergonomic option that allows the user to save on shipping, drayage, and install/dismantle without sacrificing branding finesse. This display allows you to use the existing pipe and drape framework to create a large, beautifully-branded area within minutes. The entire kit weighs less than 10 lbs, sets up in just a few minutes, and looks fantastic! This display can even travel with you on an airplane.

The banner in the back creates a vibrant, colorful backdrop for your booth (six S-hooks included), and simply slips on over the black curtain provided by the show. The mini promo retractable banner stand is small enough for use on the tabletop and gives a great space for the fine-print or bulletpoints without crowding your other graphics. The table throw has a draped look and is a full style (4 panels), full color dye sublimated custom print with your design. The display comes with a soft carry bag to keep everything clean and dry (22 in x 5 in x 14 in).

Booth in a Bag