Retail Display Racks You Will Love in 2021

With 2020 in its last quarter, it is time to start hunting for new and exciting retail display racks that can give your business and exhibits the edge. We offer custom store and office display systems, as well as great portable solutions for exhibiting your products at events and trade shows. 

Below we've provided a brief review of some or our portable trade show display rack solutions. You can find all of these portable display rack solutions here

If you're looking for larger systems, you can review some by clicking the image to the right, and then reach out to one of our configuration experts for additional details.

Custom island expo display with Product Display Racks, Demo Area, Seating Section, Information Structure, and Sampling Station

Custom Island Booth with Retail Display Racks

Merchandise Pop-Up Display

Some products require little to no graphic coverage to attract potential buyers. All that is needed are display racks that let the merchandise to speak for itself. If that’s what you are looking for, we invite you to take a look at the deluxe Merchandise Popup Display. 

The deluxe Merchandise Popup Display comes in two different kits, offering you more than one size for your product display. The 8ft option measures 100' x 26' x 89' with a graphic size of 24' x 18' and the 10ft variety has a dimension of 120' x 37.75' x 89' with a graphic size of 48' x 30'. For added flexibility, you can choose a custom build tailored to your specific need. 

The display is portable, very easy to set up, and provides a quick and lasting solution for product displays, especially at trade shows. This display is available in five different fabric colors, including black, light gray, dark gray, light blue, and dark blue. The unit is constructed with highly durable materials. And to further set your mind at ease, the frame hardware is covered by a lifetime warranty. 

Each unit comes complete with shelves, one graphic, two lights, fabric panels, and a shipping case. This is an excellent buy if you want something simple that doesn’t distract from your actual merchandise. 

Magic Display Case

The Magic Display Case is indeed magical with its acrylic locking door and multiple product display racks. It is a portable and gorgeous-looking display case with plenty of room for showcasing your products. Plus, it provides ample space at the top and bottom of the case where you can brand it with your company logo or brand message. 

The Magic Display Case features three panels, four shelves, and two locking doors, all of which are acrylic. The top and base of the case are made with a black laminate and wrapped with plastic tensaflex. The case is designed to be sturdy, and for extra support, it is fitted with four metallic beams.

The Magic Display Case comes at a total weight of 60 pounds, with each acrylic shelve having a carrying capacity of up to 5 pounds. So, you don’t have to worry about the shelves coming apart, even if you have fairly heavy products to display. 

The case’s top can hold a graphic size of 73' x 9.2', while the base has enough space for a graphic size of 73' x 24'. And you can add LED lights inside the case to make it look even more beautiful and attractive. 

The Magic Display Case is an excellent addition to any trade show booth and even brick and mortar retail shops. 

Twist Portable Display Cabinets

If you are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend too much money on display racks, you might find the Twist Portable Display Cabinets ideal for your purpose. These stands are highly affordable, but that doesn’t mean they are made from cheap or poor quality materials. In fact, you get a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects with these flexible cabinets.

The stands come in two versions of three and four shelves. Each unit is constructed using a heavy-duty plastic frame and features 16 plexiglass window panels. The three shelve units measure 16.2' x 61.38' x 16.25' when assembled and weigh roughly 40 pounds. If you prefer the four shelve options, they weigh about 45 pounds with a dimension of 16.25' x 81.25' x 16.25'. 

The maximum recommended carrying capacity for each shelf is 15 pounds, making these display racks suitable for displaying considerably heavy products. Lighting is another unique feature of the Twist Portable Display Cabinets. An overhead light is incorporated into each shelf to illuminate the products. Besides giving customers a clear view of what’s on the shelves, it adds beauty to your retail display racks.

You have the option of adding printed graphic panels to the display stands to further improve the aesthetics and advertise your brand logo.  

Moving from one show or event to another is easy with these portable stands, as each Twist Portable Display Cabinet is designed to be fully collapsible and can be conveyed in a portable bag. These stands are an excellent choice whether you want portable display racks for trade shows or options that can be easily moved from one corner of your retail shop to the other. 

High-End Retail Display Racks: Floating Graphic Pop-Up Displays with Shelves

Suppose you are looking for the most efficient way to bypass the hassles of assembling the different moving pieces needed to set up an exhibit, display products, and advertising. In that case, you should probably take a look at the various Quadro Floating Graphics Systems (FGS) available at our store. 

These systems incorporate nearly everything you need for a successful exhibit, from pop-up displays to retail display racks and everything in between. The lighting, floor, and backdrop give your booth a complete and unique look. 

Setting up the FGS displays is quite easy. The frames are designed to expand in a matter of seconds, and the entire system, including the graphics, can be easily assembled without the use of tools. And when it’s time to pack up and go, dismantling the system is a cinch. The FGS pop-up display can easily pack into a portable roto-molded case that comes with wheels for easy transportation.

The Quadro FGS pop-ups are designed with highly durable materials, with every frame backed by a lifetime warranty. These systems are renowned as the world’s strongest pop-up frame, yet they are surprisingly lightweight.

The floating graphic pop-up displays come in several sizes and configurations. Each of these models comes with sizeable display racks for showcasing different products. These are high-end options, and they are available for rent or purchase. 


To wrap it up, for a visual overview of these portable display racks, and links to the product pages, please click here, or just call one of our support team - they'd welcome the chance to help out.