Picking Portable Trade Show Displays

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, trade shows are growing in revenue and importance. That means picking portable trade show displays so you can attend as many of these events as you like. Here are two trade show display design tips that will increase your ROI.

Focus on Versatility and Portability
Quality portable trade show displays are an investment that pay for themselves. Clearly however, your ROI is lowered each time you have to purchase a new display. That may seem obvious but remember that there are variables like booth size, crowd size and even product focus at each event.

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For example, choosing two 10-foot displays, rather than one 20-foot display, can provide you with options for the size and layout of the booth while also making the smaller pieces a little easier to transport. Or, if you are considering adding shelves or a podium to the display, you should either get them now, or make sure you can add them later, even if you are not going to use them at the first show.

Eyes on the Prize
Displays have to be attention-grabbing but they should never be attention-holding. What I mean is, an experienced trade show professional understands sight lines and, like a skilled artist, will use lines and angles to bring the viewer’s site toward the important elements. The reason you are at the event is to sell your products and promote your business.

Your probably know the conversation about superbowl television commercials that goes something like this:

Steve: “Did you see that commercial with the monkeys in suits?”
Jen: “Yeah, that is really funny. What company is that for again?”
Steve: “Uh, you know, I really don’t remember. But those monkeys were hilarious, weren’t they?”
You don’t want to be that advertiser!

Attendees have collected dozens of business cards by the end of thelightbox trade show so you can’t count on your business card to make them remember you. You have to get that job done at your display stand.

Picking portable trade show booths isn’t rocket science. Look for

  1. lightweight options – lighter weight designs will continuously save you shipping costs, drayage fees, and labor setup costs. If you attend a half-dozen or more shows every year, these recurring cost savings quickly offset having to pay a little bit more than that 200lb monster old fashioned display that ships in a big wood crate! Select designs with expansive graphics, and then have your designer create some eye-catching trade show graphics for you.
  2. lifetime warranties – to maximize the bang for your trade show investment dollar, pick display designs that include lifetime warranties – that will mean a lifetime of earning back the savings from your lightweight selection!

A high-quality designer of trade show displays can help you think about these things and apply them to your specific needs. You should contact them with a general idea and then let them help you work out the details of the display to make your idea as good as it can possibly be.

Before investing lots of cash in your next trade show, do yourself a favor and visit our site to see some amazing trade show displays. You can also take a look at the many other resources that can help you find the best trade show displays for your next show.

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