Boost Traffic & Sales with a Trade Show Tent & Outdoor Banner Stands

When it comes to trade shows, people rarely think of trade show event tents or outdoor banner stands; most people think of large convention centers with crowds of people swarming around to different booths, making it incredibly difficult to make in through the gathering. Although this is true for most times of the year and in many areas around the country, not all trade shows take place indoors.10x10 showstopper printed tent

There are times when trade shows, especially for sporting equipment, boats and other outdoor material, take place outdoors. This typically allows these products to be displayed better, and is also generally cheaper for the show management running the trade show. However, it does prove additional challenges in booth design for companies looking to set up a booth, as their booth layout also needs to plan for the outdoor environment. 

Although it is possible to still just use the same material as one would indoors, it is better to revise your booth design to better fit the new surroundings. This mainly involves using trade show tents and outdoor banner stands. The tents are not just for those individuals visiting the booth and taking all the free swag, pretending to be interested in your products while grabbing the free stress relief balls or incredibly small duffle bags – tents also help your employees stay fresh, instead of working in the hot sun for hours at a time. 


Trade show tents and gazebo’s come in a range of sizes and shapes, depending on your requirements, and offer shade and the ability to cool down considerably, especially if a nice fan and maybe a cold beverage is offered (such as water or lemonade). It’s amazing what such small amenities can do in terms of drawing potential customers into the tent. Even if the individual walking into the tent is only there for shade and the cool refreshment, chances are they will at least talk with the individual running to booth to stay polite, and possibly even become interested in the services provided, all thanks to free shade and a nickel worth of cold beverages.


Of course, having the tent or gazebo is more than just offering shade and keeping those under the tent cool. There are additional benefits; when the sun is out and in full force, it makes looking at material and reading information extremely difficult, especially if those attempting to learn about the company are not wearing sunglasses. In order to reduce the glair and make sure everyone is able to read the necessary material, cutting off direct sunlight is necessary, and the trade show tents perform this task perfectly. Also, if it happens to rain, then the tents provide temporary shelter from that also.

Trade show tents and outdoor banner stands also offer colorful ways to attract attention, providing vibrant advertising and helping to show off your logo and company information. Tents can be printed with your company logo and other information, either on the valances, on the canopy, or a full print that can create a lively, appealing appearance on the entire tent. Outdoor banner stands are designed in many different shapes and heights, so that no matter where potential clients are walking in the trade show, they can identify your company and find your location.

If you find yourself planning for an outdoor trade show, be sure to investigate the varied equipment that can help you take advantage of your new setting – just providing your own staff with a way to shelter from the sun is worth the time. Add in the opportunity to draw clients out of the heat, as well as using taller and more colorful outdoor banner stands to attract everyone, and you’ll find the return on the investment to be huge – and as always, if you need any help sorting out the choices or additional information, give our team a call – they’re standing by waiting for the phone to ring right now!

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