Brandcusi Double-Sided Banner Stands

The Brandcusi offers a combination of seamless surface area paired with amazing efficiency, both in it's portability and setup time. It's a leader in every type displays with it's cost, setup time, and surface area considered. The unique and tall shape covered 100% with high-quality graphics makes the Brandcusi a great addition for any brand attending any event.

Starting with a weighted wooden base, the spine is constructed of lightweight aluminum and connects using a simple tube and button system. The graphic is then hooked over each side point on the spine, and then the zipper is closed to finish the install. It's really that simple!

One Planet Recycled Fabric Graphics

Exciting & attractive double sided fabric 3D shape banner stands

Each Brandcusi double-sided banner comes with a flat floor base plate that your graphic connects to via the SEG system. The graphic is then pulled upwards and held into its unique shape via aluminum poles for an exciting tension fabric look.

The Brandcusi double-sided banner is available in 3 different shapes: Angled, Curved & Straight, and they're available in 3 different sizes: 80”, 60” (Mini Brandcusi™) & 14” (Bambino).

The fabric is the first fabric made in the US from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and yields a fantastic print quality and feel. So how many bottles will your banner re-use? It’s actually a very simple mathematical calculation. There are 45 bottles per every kilogram of yarn, which translates into 1 bottle per square foot of One PlanetTM fabric.

So each approx 3ft wide double-sided banner recycles 46 bottles!

Brandcusi double-sided banner graphics are hemmed with side access slots so you can attach multiple shelves and literature holders. The access slots also make it easy to move the banner to any position you need. Lightweight, portable, affordable, and attractive!

The Brandcusi double-sided banner should be your next banner purchase!

Brandcusi Double-sided Banner Kits Includes the base, inner pole supports, printed graphic & storage bag

NOTE: Critical Pantone matching on Brandcusi products is $45.00 per order.

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Angled Brandcusi double-sided banner with shelves and lit holder

(shown with optional shelves and lit holder)

Brandcusi Angled Top,  33.5" x 81"

Curved Brandcusi double-sided banner with Lights

(shown with optional lights)

Brandcusi Curved Top, 33.5" x 79"

straight Brandcusi double-sided banner with lights

(shown with optional lights)

Brandcusi Straight Top 33.5" x79"

The Mini is also available as a Straight top, Angled top, or Curved top.

Mini Brandcusi double-sided banner - Straight shape with lights

(Straight top, shown with optional lights)

Mini Brandcusi, 33" x 60"

Bambino size Brandcusi double-sided banner

(counter not included)

Brandcusi Bambino Angled Top, 14" x 22"