New Trade Show Banners Help Get the Right People into your Booths

Trade show banners and displays have been evolving a lot over the last few years, growing lighter and easier to use. As Marshal McLuhan proclaimed, “The medium is the message”; the continuing evolution of trade show displays offers exhibitors new ways to communicate their messages.spectrum 4 sided pyramid banner stand

The trade show booth design trend continues; as we finish the first month of the new year, we’ve added some new looks in multi-dimensional and portable trade show banners that will help attract the right people into your trade show booths.

First off is the Trilogy 3-Sided banner stand, an attractive, light weight addition to our line of three dimensional banner stands. It is quick and easy to set up, offering three great looking printed banners, each approximately 36” wide by 84” tall. three-sided-banner-standThe three banners are hooked together into a triangular frame. When disassembled, the frame and all three banners fit into a single small tube, weighing less than 20 lbs.

We’ve also added the Spectrum 4-sided Pyramid banner stands. These use a single, dye sublimation fabric print that is simply placed over a collapsible, 4 sided aluminum frame. Built in a shape the pharaohs would recognize, the Spectrum Pyramid banners provide four message panels, each approximately 38” wide by (tapering) 84” tall,  and when collapsed, the shipping weight is less than 10 lbs!

We have lots of other 3-D trade show banners; including some that rotate and/or are backlit. The added functionality in the other designs adds some weight and cost; part of what is unique about these two new designs is that they are very light weight and also economical – two features that don’t often link together in trade show displays! The three-sided Trilogy banner stand costs $515, and the Spectrum banner stands costs even less, at $335, not a bad price for a 4-sided, dye sub printed fabric banner stand!

We introduced the Twist Banner Displays a few months ago, and these continue to delight clients that check them out. Twist Banner Displays are the ultimate in flexibility, adaptation, and value. Instead of purchasing several large displays that you use according to which shows you are attending, you can use this one trade show display to fill any space you need to adapt to. Gone are the days when you aren’t happy with the fit of your trade show displays – Twist Banner Displays are flexible enough to fit any space without the need for tools.twist_kit_branded

The Twist banner stands use HDL Lambda Bright laminated mural graphics, possibly the highest quality flexible graphics that you could ever hope to find on a trade show floor. The graphics come with a lifetime de-lamination guarantee, and the hardware similarly comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Twist banner stands correct themselves to uneven floors and create an even flow of graphic displays, whether you place them in a corner or along a wide wall. With their easy ability to conform to different shapes, Twist Banner Displays don’t look like you jammed your trade show banners into a corner; they make the corner or the wall look like it was made for the trade show displays!

Each Twist banner stand post can hold one banner, or two back-to-back banners, and multiple Twist banners can be easily connected, with a flexible graphic, to form endless rows of single or double-sided graphics. These can be laid out to create long walls, private rooms, and most any other shape imaginable – and then at whim, they can be taken apart and used as a single stand-alone banner stand. If you haven’t seen them, swing by our showroom or check out the video at the end of this article.

Last but not least, the Brandcusi 3D fabric banners deserve mention too. These are double-sided, dye sub printed fabric banners, using a long pillow case banner that slips over an aluminum pole and mounts securely onto a light weight base. They are available in three different shapes, and, while they set up into 34” wide, 81” tall, banners, they fold up and almost disappear, fitting into a padded carry bag about the size of a large purse.

If you’re looking for new ways to communicate your messages, keep an eye on our specials and monthly newsletters – we are constantly on the lookout for new products. When we find an interesting new display idea, we have them shipped to our showroom, so we can test them out ourselves and make sure the quality and engineering is up to our standards. We’re currently testing out some new, very portable, counters and kiosks, and will have a report on those out next week.

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