Igniter Light Boxes

The Igniter Light Boxes are built with 5" deep aluminum extrusion frames, dye sub printed fabric graphics with silicone edges sewn in, and LED edge lighting that is built into the frames.

Igniter fabric light boxes are great to use for easy-to-read messaging in retail, trade show and event environments, and come in floor standing and wall hung configurations. 

  • LED lights come adhered to the frame, making set-up simple.
  • All Igniter Light Boxes come with a 2 yr warranty.
  • They all ship in 6 days from OR.
10ft Igniter Backlit Hybrid Display
3FT Igniter Light Boxes

3ft W x 7ft H

4FT Backlit Display

4ft W x 7ft H

8FT LED Light Box Backlit Display

8ft W  x 8ft H

10Ft Igniter Light Boxes

          10ft W x 8ft H

20FT Igniter Backlit Display

20ft W x 8ft H​

10x20 3 piece Light Box Display

20Ft  Angled Trade Show LightBox