Temporary Hospitals and Emergency Structures

One of the most reliable structures in the tradeshow industry is now more helpful and vital than ever before. By popular demand, our traditional tradeshow partition wall system is now being used as a tool for building temporary hospital walls and temporary hospital rooms for emergency COVID-19 virus analysis and treatment.

These temporary hospitals have been shown to be less expensive than building a new comprehensive COVID-19 care hospital, and give cities and medical staff a way to contain potential sources of infection and group patients for triage and initial treatment.

Emergency Shelter Partioning Rooms
Javits Center Temporary Hospital

Similar Structures are approx $2000 per room

Our modular wall system is well-known and has a great reputation. It uses lightweight, high-quality aluminum extrusions to build frames for temporary walls. The extrusions have a rail system that accommodates many different shapes and sizes. The extrusion rail provides both a spot to lock an adjacent piece as well as a place to sandwich a wall panel (or graphic). Pieces for this series connect using an easy half-turn of a hex key. This partition wall system adapts perfectly for building temporary hospital walls and modular medical facilities.

As you can see in the photo above, this is the same design approach that was used at Javits Center in NYC recently. Construction on two more temporary hospitals is reportedly underway in New York as COVID-19 cases surge, with a goal to add hospital beds in health care facilities to treat coronavirus patients.

Similar temporary hospitals are being constructed now in Boston, and more sites for temporary hospitals are being investigated across the nation. The video below demonstrates how easy it was to use this partition wall system for the temporary hospital conversion in London.

Bottom line, our partitioning wall temporary structures are simple to set up, and simple to reconfigure, and work well for quickly building indoor emergency shelters. (Similar temporary emergency structures are available with roofs for outdoor use.)

Extrusions and wall panels are in stock and available to ship in just a few days, as needed to support the need for these temporary hospitals.

- 3.25ft w × 8.2 ft H Panel Sections
- Material: aluminium, anodised silver
- Panel material: PVC (B1 certified)
-With doors or curtains
-Layout planning
-Development and assembly

The easy construction allows for very quick assembly.

Our partitioning wall system components are an in-stock item, making them available in high quantities on short notice.

10 unit Temporary Emergency Structure

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