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The 15 Deadliest Trade Show Mistakes

We’ve written before on the subject of mistakes people make at trade shows, and I wish I could say that was the end of the story. However, people keep making mistakes—in some cases, the same darn mistakes over and over! So we’re revisiting the issue with this list of the fifteen most deadly common trade […]

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Why Invest in Exhibition Displays, Anyway?

Let’s go back to the basics, for the moment – quality exhibition displays aren’t cheap. The economy is still struggling, and we’re all constantly looking for fat to trim from the budget. Why should you spend money going to trade shows? After all, good display stands start at about $1K, and even pop up banners can be a few […]

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Trade Show Display Blunders to Avoid

Rarely are we honest about what is bad about trade show displays and the truly horrendous ideas that we have seen at trade shows. Usually, this blog stays positive and builds upon creative ideas. But sometimes reviewing mistakes and the disastrous directions of some trade show displays is instructive, because it allows us to be honest with […]

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Trade Show Display Bloopers

It all started off easily enough.  The young gentleman, whom we shall call John, was trying to sell business software at the trade center in his town.  He thought it would be advantageous to show a short video of just how effortlessly the program worked.  But, oops…it didn’t work out the way he wanted it […]

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