Why Didn’t They Notice My Trade Show Display?

Have you ever stood at a trade show, looking around at the many different exhibition stands surrounding you and wonder what their secret is? Outside of standing at your pop up display stark naked, with a flashing neon sign in one hand, how do you get the public to notice what it is you are offering?!


It seems like you have done all the right things to prepare for your specific trade show. In your eyes, your booth is neat and appealing, your literature tells the public who you are and explains how your service will benefit potential customers…but no one is stopping to visit…There are a number of ways of solving this dilemma. The adage “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” goes for just about everything, not only unrequited love. If you cannot see what your customers or potential customers see when they look at your trade show booth, that may be the problem right there. In your view, your pop up display may seem like one of the best exhibition stands ever. However, to the public it may appear completely different. They may look at your booth and think, “poor chap, just couldn’t cut it.”

The way to remedy this type of situation is to get an opposing view of your booth set-up. Trade show displays should be creative, interesting, and unique, and in good taste of course. Get a friend or a current customer to take a look at your idea. First impressions are the most important. You may have also made one of the common trade show booth mistakes.


If they look at your booth and their eyes light up you know you are headed in the right direction. However, if the look is flat bored, or even worse, one of “you have got to be kidding,” there is additional work to be done.

Besides being aesthetically appealing and interesting, trade show displays must convey a specific message about their services or products in order to

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 capture the public’s curiosity. Not only that, they must convey, “why their product will benefit the consumer.”

For example, if you are selling a specially designed pair of eyeglasses but do not emphasize their distinction from other vendor’s eye wear products, your potential new customer will not be able to “see” the difference. Review lots of great trade show booth ideas to find ways to stand out and also be clever while conveying the “rest of the message” too.

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