Buying a Retail Display to Differentiate Your Brand from Major Competitors

There isn’t any doubt that attempting to stand out in a crowded business world is one of the toughest challenges next to maintaining cash flow. In the retail industry, it’s certainly this way, arguably more than any other industry. When you see even the biggest retail names struggling to stay ahead of their fellow corporate competitors, you know it’s a tough business.

With someone like you perhaps running a smaller retail company, no doubt you’re looking for ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. The best way is to create vivid retail displays in-store, or for trade shows. These provide physical and aesthetically pleasing stations for first-time visitors to fully assimilate your brand and get an idea of your message.

Here at American Image Displays, we give you opportunity to customize these so you truly shine. Let’s look at what’s possible and methods to make your retail displays work in the best possible ways.

Creating a Design That Customers Gravitate To

The size, shape, and color of your retail display all depends on what your demographics want and their pain points. It pays to create personas of your intended customer base first, understand what their motivations are, and what they value. Once you do, you’ll get an idea of what kind of retail display would work best in your store or at your next trade show.

Being big and bold doesn’t necessarily mean everything, even if your trade show has major competitors around you. What matters is you customize to something that you know is going to grab attention to your targeted demographic. It helps when you give some tangible proof in how you help pain points.

When you see the visual examples available on our site, you see what’s possible, including counter spaces so a prospective customer can examine your merchandise. The same goes for visual flair, sometimes digitally.

Creating a Story Around Your Retail Display

Emotion is everything in selling, and your retail display needs to convey a compelling story around your brand. It’s easy to do so with retail displays, because it’s basically a giant canvas for expressing yourself.

With a large enough display, you can basically take a visitor on a journey through a particular pain point. You’ll have ability to express it through videos, graphics, and displays for the actual product.

Doing this gives a near immersive approach to problems while bringing true art to marketing. In many cases, you can create retail displays enveloping the visitor to heighten the senses.

The more you can incorporate storytelling and a product solution in your display, the better the chances you’ll convert a new customer on the spot.

What Kind of Personality Should Your Retail Display Have?

One thing we can help you with is create a unique personality in your retail display, which happens successfully with a creative eye and technology. With the latter being a major factor in standing apart, there aren’t any limitations on the creativity you can employ.

Digital displays are more common now with flat LED screens, which add a whole new dimension to visuals. However, don’t write off practical creativity simply by using painted backdrops, including props to create a brand environment.

When you turn a display into an enclosed space, you basically take a visitor into another world where storytelling and personality work in unison.

Differentiating Yourself from Competitors

Doing the above steps, as well as showcasing what makes your products different in your display, you differentiate your booth from those around you. Allowing visitors to inspect and even demonstrate the product from the retail display gives a real-world approach so there isn’t any distance.

Visit us at American Image Displays to see our retail display inventory and to help you create something that stays in every customer’s mind for a long time.