Stand Out from the Competition with Your Next Trade Show Display

Imagine you’re a trade show attendee.  You’ve just come out of a seminar on some great way to solve the problem your company is having, the reason why they’ve paid to send you to this show, and you’re hitting the show floor to look for more answers to your company’s problems.  What will catch your eye?  What will get you over to the vendor’s exhibit booth and get you to choose one vendor over another?segue 10x30-resized-600

The answer is, a strong trade show display stand.  If you’re looking to lure a prospect to your booth, set up a trade show display stand with eye-catching trade show graphics and minimal, bulleted points.  Have a display that speaks to the prospect’s problems and provides solutions.  Here are some best practices for engaging prospects at your next trade show:

Think neatness and visibility.  Hang products (or add screenshots) at the customer’s eye level.  Keep the text minimal.  Make sure your customer doesn’t have to hunt for the information he came over to find.  It should be front and center.

Create the illusion of demand.  We all want something that everyone else has.  Even if your product isn’t in high demand, make it seem that way on your trade show display stand.  If you’re selling products, a “SOLD” sign placed on one or two will help.

Be interactive.  Can you add a touchscreen demo to your display?  A quiz or contest?  Trade show attendees love contests, even if the prize is something small, like a flashlight.  They also enjoy being able to get a feel for the product, especially if it’s something like software.

Make the information accessible.  Your trade show display stand should have the information your customer needs at the ready.  This means having handouts and takeaways that she can bring back to her workplace and present to her bosses as solutions to the company’s problems.  Have flyers, brochures, fact sheets, and anything else she might need to bring to the decision-makers, or make the decision herself.

Man your trade show display.  Getting the customer over to the trade show display stand is only half the battle.  You need to have someone there to answer her questions.  Make sure that a knowledgeable, personable representative is staffing the booth at all times to answer questions, provide suggestions, and engage attendees.

With these five suggestions, and of course, a good follow-up after the show, you will watch your booth’s traffic – and your company’s sales – increase at each trade show.

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