Trade Show Display: Graphic Design Elements


Trade show display graphic design is key to your displays ability to attract attention and new clients. We’re a society that loves graphics, images, and pictures of all types. Media elements capture our attention, and they convey our moods. Everyone, it seems, has a phone with photo and video capabilities. Images are captured in every corner of the world and posted on various social media sites for the rest of the world to see. They show us at our best and at our worst. And they reel us in. lite_panel-resized-600

You know this too. That’s why you’re trying to figure out what image is best to use with your message on your display for your trade show booth. You know the right picture, image, or graphic might gain your organization additional leads visiting your trade show display stand. And, you know the wrong one could cost you leads. So, how do you choose the best graphic element for your display?

First of all, stay loyal to your organization’s brand, image, and message. Be true to who you are and to the prospects you really want to attract. Don’t choose a graphic element that is going to contradict your image or your brand. Don’t choose a certain graphic simply because you think it might appeal to a few of the trade show attendees that are outside the realm of your key prospects. Don’t play the politicians’ game of trying to appeal to everyone because you’ll end up appealing to no one. Graphic elements that conflict with your message and your brand will confuse attendees, and they’ll bypass your booth.

When it comes to choosing the graphic elements for your trade show exhibition booth or even your retractable banner stands, keep in mind that you’re choosing what you believe your prospects will be attracted to, not what you might be attracted to. Their needs – their problems that you’re going to help them solve – should be front and center when choosing graphics for your display.

secure_health.jpg telescopic banner stands-resized-600As far as types of graphics, you have many to choose from. Photos are commonly used as parts of displays at trade shows, but they aren’t your only option. Maybe a cartoon character would capture the interest of your key prospects and complement your image. Maybe something more subtle would work better for your display, such as geometric shapes, shading, or textured elements. You have many choices available to you.

If you’re unsure where to look for graphics for your display, you could start in your own backyard. Many organizations have successfully used their own logo – without their name attached – as their graphic element. Tying in the logo with the organization’s colors throughout the display can help connect all the elements as well as keep the organization itself front and center. There are also many images available to use in web image banks, normally for a fee. And a qualified trade show display graphic designer will be happy to help you find just the right image and layout.

If you’re considering unleashing your own creativity and designing the graphics yourself, do so with caution. If you’re not a trained graphic designer, if you’re not imbued with natural talent, designing the graphics yourself can be a bad choice. It’s best to go with a trained designer if you want a unique graphic element for your display – and when choosing designers, make sure they understand the requirements of wide format design; they need to be comfortable designing for a 10ft wide (or larger) panel, not just for a business card or regular sized stationary!

There’s no doubt that graphic elements add a lot to the look and appeal of a trade show display. You just want to be certain that the graphics you choose add positively to your display – that they support your message and your brand – and that they are truly going to attract your key prospects. Your graphics should complement your message, not distract or even contradict it.

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