3 Tips For Creating a Strong Table Top Display

Using a very attractive table top display is a great way to attract visitors to your site, and it is also good for advertising your product or service. Another advantage is that they definitely simplify the task of setting up the display because they are usually portable, light, and easy to set up. Here are some tips that can help in creating a strong display.

Tip 1 – Choose a table top display according to your individual business needsconcierge table top displays-resized-600

For many businesses, a table top display is an easy solution to making an exhibit look professional, and it may be all that your company needs to get the point across. These are usually six feet or less in size, although a few models are around eight feet wide. They range in prices from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Sometimes the graphics are included, but other times the table top display uses a fabric panel so you can attach different graphics as required. Graphics on table top displays are very easy way to coordinate with the product being marketed. These displays can also be used again and again. The display is placed on a table that is normally covered first with a printed table throw – another opportunity to display the company logo or graphics.


Tip 2 – Table Top Displays can be powerful tools that say a lot

showstyle briefcase table top display boards-resized-600Sometimes, all that is needed to get the point across is a small display. These are available in economy models that are only around 30 inches tall and 46 inches wide. They are covered with fabric that can be chosen by the customer in most cases. The customer’s logo and photo of the product are usually placed on these backgrounds. These table top popups are made in various sizes up to three feet by two feet.

Some businesses prefer a briefcase model that simply opens up. Briefcases usually have three or four panels that merge into one large image when the briefcase is opened. The convenience of the briefcase style is that it folds up and snaps closed. It can then be carried with a shoulder strap or hand-held strap and used many times.

Tip 3 – Choose the model that fits your show and presentation needs

Recruiters for large corporations and for schools may travel frequently to trade shows all over the country or even internationally. A table top display may be the perfect solution for them because of its simplicity and easy portability. Some models are so compact that they fit into the luggage compartment of an airplane, which makes them even easier to transport.

Larger models set up in minutes with very light weight stands that go up next to each other to form a large exhibit. Individual fabric graphics are placed on the background, and there are literature holders that are made of black mesh.

The graphics can be machine washed, or they can be replaced when the occasion demands new information. During use, they are attached with aluminum hardware so that it stands up in a steady manner. Each unit comes with carry bags or heavy duty shipping containers.

For those looking for high impact, “sexier” table top displays, we also offer 3D and custom shaped table top designs – check out the options in our design search tool.

Follow these three tips for a professional and great looking table top display – and if you have any questions or need any additional information, please give us a call!

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