What are the Best Hi Tech Toys for your Exhibition Displays?

When it comes to getting your exhibition displays noticed at a trade show, standing out from the crowd and getting noticed are probably your top priorities. After all, no matter how great your content is, custom island trade show displayhow nice your banner stands and podiums look, or how awesome your products are, it just doesn’t matter if no one’s showing up to your exhibition displays to look at them.

We’ve run blogs in the past about cutting costs on your trade show displays, but let’s go in the other direction today. Let’s say you have marketing money waiting to be burned, and you want to go all in to create the biggest, flashiest exhibition displays that you can imagine to see what kind of boost it gives you.

What are some of the things you might include in it?

High-Tech Enhancements For Your Trade Show Displays2 sided ipad kiosk mod-1334a

  • Tablets and kiosk stands: Here’s one that’s cheap enough for most people to do. Get yourself some iPads or Nexus tablets, along with some kiosks to mount them on. Tablets are a bit of an investment, but since they can be put to plenty of other uses when they’re not at your trade show displays, they’re not a hard purchase to justify. These make it easy for people to watch videos, browse tech specs, sign up for your mailing list, follow you on social media, and more.
  • Colorful LED Displays: Large LED signs are pretty much the biggest and flashiest form of signage you can employ. They’re super-bright and can be seen pretty much anywhere within eyeshot. A large full-color LED sign above your exhibition displays would absolutely attract people’s eyes, and give passers-by something to watch. These are great for showing promotional videos and other similar material. Try a “LED Mesh” screen for the largest, most high-resolution LED sign currently available.
  • In-booth social media displays: It’s relatively easy to set up a “Twdbs_main-resized-600itterFall” or similar system that takes messages sent to your social media accounts and displays them on overhead monitors or scrolling text-based LED message boards at your trade show displays. You could have discussions going live in front of an audience, with people checking in from time to time just to see if anyone’s said something interesting.
  • Interactive televisions: I just saw a great example of this yesterday. Samsung had set up a display outside a local electronics store with an array of their “Smart TVs.” These used gesture recognition (somewhat like the Microsoft Kinect) to control the TV’s menu, or even play games. They had folks lined up waiting to try playing Angry Birds just by waving their arms around. These TVs are certainly expensive if they’re purchased solely for trade show displays, but seeing people playing with one immediately inspires everyone around them to want to give it a shot. (And yes, if you’re wondering, I also got roped into trying it…)
  • Hire a robot: Got more marketing money than you possibly know what to do with? Here’s your ultimate wish-list item. Honda will rent out one of their famous ASIMO droids for the low, low price of only $100,000 or so. Forget booth babes; having an autonomous robot wandering around your exhibition displays interacting with customers will bring in far more traffic. If you can afford it, that is.

Obviously, most of these are going to be outside your usual budget for expo displays, but it’s still worth pondering and dreaming for the future. What high-tech toys would you like to include in your exhibition displays, if cost wasn’t a factor? For some ideas, check out our article on hi tech sales tools and if you have an outdoor event, check out our article on our outside trade displays

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