Pop Up Displays: Trade Show Display Tips and Best Practices

Are you knowledgeable about trade shows? Do you go to a lot of them for your company? In that case, you probably often ask yourself how to stand out and draw more focus on your business, your products, or perhaps your services – this is absolutely a legitimate concern for marketing professionals.

When considering trade show displays, you absolutely want to stick out  – blending in is NOT a good thing!  At a trade show, your goal must be to stand out and entice people to consider your products or services. Having a trade show display that  is aesthetically appealing is important. You want to use carefully selected colors which will draw people towards your display. If you have graphics or images on the display, you need them to be visually engaging, so people literally stop and look, instead of just walking by.

Having the proper exhibition stand hardware is also important. It is important that everything look professional and neat. People always judge you and your company based on how you present yourself, and this is especially true at trade shows – there are typically hundreds of similar looking booths, and visitors quickly have to decide where to stop, and when to just keep walking.

Using pop up displays is a good plan, especially for novices at this form of marketing. These displays will grab everyone’s attention since they are literally three dimensional. They can display great looking graphics with lambda mural panels, or can use Velcro-receptive fabric so that you can quickly swap out smaller graphics on different days or at different shows, to highlight different markets quadro popup-resized-600and services. Pop up displays also come with great accessories, including shadow boxes, shelves, monitor mounts, literature holders, and back lit sign headers.

And while it may not be obvious to your viewers, a pop up display sets up and comes down very quickly, and the best styles let you to use the shipping case as a podium counter, allowing you to beat the rush to the airport after the end of the show!

As with any trade show display, the critical aspect is designing great looking graphics – remember, that is all the display hardware is for – the sole purpose is to efficiently display and show case your signs and graphics, which in turn must highlight the features and benefits of your products and services.

Spend the time to design great looking booth graphics, and find ways to take advantage of your display so that these important messages are communicated in the best way possible. Use lighting as required to highlight specific products or logos. Use trade show carpet to highlight the entire booth, defining your space with a professional and attractive look.ipadcounter

Don’t scrimp on the accessories – having the right accessory, whether it is an iPad counter or monitor mount, a well-lighted display counter or even just a literature rack – whatever tool you need to quickly and efficiently answer all of your visitors questions, will mean a positive return on your marketing investment.

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