How to Easily Digitize an In-Person Event

The power of the World Wide Web has brought with it significant benefits for the business world that can’t be ignored. Everything from lead generation to networking is now not only easier, but something that can essentially carry on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MOD-1430 Charging Station for trade shows

Despite this, trade shows are still one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of business professionals everywhere. Rarely do you get the opportunity to get your brand, product or service in front of that many eyes in that efficient of a way.

But just because trade shows are commonly “in person” events, doesn’t necessarily mean that the benefits the Internet has ushered in have to take a break. Digitizing an in-person event essentially creates a “best of both worlds” situation and is an opportunity that you can no longer afford to pass up.


Upping the Interactivity

Thanks to the rapidly diminishing cost of mobile technology, one of the best ways to digitize your in-person event involves using these types of devices to increase the ease at which patrons can interact with your booth.

Why have a potential client fill out a paper “Contact” form with a pen or pencil when they can input the same information on a tablet?

By increasing the ease at which potential customers can engage with your display digitally, you’re creating a much more satisfying experience overall.


Charging Stations at Trade Shows: Your Secret Weapon

People love free things – it doesn’t really matter what it is.

A secret weapon of trade show vendors has long been the mantra of “if you give something cool enough away, it will get a steady flow of people to your display.”

Once those people are there, you’ve essentially got them hooked – your presentation can take over and you can use it to generate those precious leads. For drawing as many people to your booth as possible, the only thing more effective than free things is making a free charging station available nearby.

Studies have indicated that over 90% of the population has a smartphone or some other type of mobile device.

MOD-1361 iPad Stands with Backlit SEG Graphics

MOD-1361 iPad Stands with Backlit SEG Graphics

Trade shows are long events, so you can basically guarantee that people will have to charge those items at some point.

By embracing digitization and making a charging station available, you’ll have a steady stream of eyes in front of your booth all day long in addition to the people who were actively seeking you out in the first place.


Social Media Integration

Just because someone is at a trade show doesn’t mean that they will stop checking their Facebook or posting on Twitter.

To keep up with your event-goers, post live tweets or Facebook statuses that mention your brand on your display or other type of signage. These items should be carefully curated, of course, to only feature the most positive posts at all times.

Be as active as possible, but also encourage your visitors to post about you by providing a hashtag or creating a contest by offering a prize to the person who makes the best social media post about your display.


Digital Media Player Displays

By and large, one of the best ways to digitize your in-person event is through the use of a digital media player display.

These are high quality units that are designed to run most types of video or image-based media directly from a USB thumb drive. Some models support audio, while others require external sound systems.

Wave Interactive Trade Show Displays Media Player

Wave Interactive Trade Show Displays Media Player

You can use these displays to showcase videos of your product or service all day long. Or, you can take fun photos of the people who are visiting your booth in the morning and instantly use the digital media player display to create a gorgeous slide show by the afternoon.

There are few better ways to embrace digital and make an impression at the same time.

Overall, keeping up with the digital evolution is important for any kind of marketing, but so is in-person conversation at events like trade shows. Thus, the best solution is to take advantage of both by merging the strategies together and creating a tactic with which you cannot lose.

For a different approach, check out our article on trade show games or read how to profit from virtual trade shows.

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