Display Stands That Can Be Set Up Alone

Display stands that can be setup by the exhibitor, without help, can often help keep the budget in control. These exhibit booths are normally very portable, with the whole display often fitting into one or two wheeled cases that can be transported in a car, checked in for a flight, or shipped at little expense. Chosen wisely, this type of display should last for several years.


However, there is truth to the adage that you get what you pay for. Cheap displays can be just that, and will show wear and tear sooner and easier than display stands that are better made. If you’re cautious when purchasing, and take advantage of an experienced display stand firm that stands behind their products, you should be able to meet your trade show display needs and also stay on budget.

large-QD-112_low-resized-600Pop up displays are an example of a popular, easy display for one person to set up. These portable trade show booths expand from a collapsible base to form the backdrop of your booth.

Assembling and dismantling a trade show pop up display is quick and easy, and they store in a wheeled shipping case.

The back of this exhibition stand can be covered in printed graphic panels or Velcro-receptive fabric. If covered in fabric, graphics can easily be attached using Velcro. Most pop up displays offer the option to cover the shipping case with a graphic wrap, converting it into a counter. Although there are advantages to purchasing a pop-up display (low cost, easy set up and transportation), exhibitors may find that it is difficult to stand out and attract attention with one – it’s an older “look”, around for decades. Also, these displays are a little heavier (at approx 125lbs) than other, more portable options.

Another popular type of display that is fairly simple to set up is a display stand that uses a lightweight rigid extrusion frame. This exhibit design uses aluminum (either tubes or extrusions) as the frame of the display stand, with tension fabric graphic displays. The graphics are normally either a pillow-case, slipped on to a tubular frame, or else a fabric panel that attaches to an aluminum extrusion, either using Velcro or Silicone Edge Graphics. These tension fabric displays tend to be stronger and lighter than pop-up displays and can normally support more weight than a pop-up display – if you need monitors hanging from the walls of your booth, or want to display some products, most often you will be better off with a modular aluminum display.

large-TF-407_low-resized-600One final option to consider when it comes to displays you can set up yourself is the table-top display. It used to be that table-top displays brought to mind your science fair exhibit in middle school. That’s not the case anymore. Table-top displays have come a long way and are much more modern in appearance. In fact, there are backlit, 3D, curved and very attractive table top displays available now that completely mimic the look of very expensive, full size display stands.

Even if your budget or your booth is small, you can still find a display that will help you meet your exhibiting objectives. These displays that you can set up yourself will help you accomplish your goals.

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