Display Stand Design to Optimize Client Interaction

Think about this: Are you more willing to engage in a prolonged conversation if you’re sitting down or if you’re standing? If you can sit down, get off your feet for a few minutes, and find a little comfort, aren’t you more likely to be more engaged in the conversation you’re having? Of course you are!

group discussion-resized-600The visitors in your trade show display booths are the same. At a minimum, the interaction area inside the display stand should be separate from other areas in the exhibit booth. However, if you can offer visitors a seat in your interaction area, they are more likely to turn into a sale rather than just a lead. They will appreciate the chance to rest, be more attentive, and will also get a glimpse of the customer service that your organization specializes in.

When it comes to choosing the trade show display furniture for the interaction area, the options are almost limitless. If it is a custom designed trade show display, there’s a good chance that the furniture for the exhibit booth was included in the design. Of course, this is the most expensive option available. If you would rather rent your booth furniture, there are options available through the trade show itself and through independent vendors.

It is also possible to buy trade show display furniture from a local Bloomberg A Render 1a rsz-resized-600retailer and then donate it after the show. It might be less expensive to buy the furniture again than to ship it home. Keep in mind that your furniture, like every other detail in the display stand – sends a message. All of the signage and messaging needs to be congruent with your company’s overall plan and image.

When it comes to capturing leads, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First of all, if the lead capturing device is at the entrance to your display stand, guests may be wary of entering. The lead capturing area should be separate from the presentation and discussion areas, but should not be right at the front of the booth.

If it is a larger booth, make sure there is more than one area for capturing information. And, if the staff will be using an electric device for capturing leads, have paper forms available in case the booth gets too busy or the electronics get overwhelmed.

The last item to consider when it comes to interacting with guests is the collateral – the brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, etc. – that potential customers may want to take with them. If this information is too close to the booth’s entrance, then they may browse, take what they want and leave your booth without any personal interaction. If the collateral is farther into your booth, there will be a better chance to interact with them.

When exhibiting at a trade show to find new leads and develop your customer base, you want to have as many meaningful interactions as possible in your display stand. Choosing appropriate, comfortable trade show display furniture and paying attention to the placement of your lead capturing and collateral areas will help you achieve your goals.

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