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Trade Show Display Budgets

How much time have you put into creating your trade show budget? Have you even considered creating a trade show budget, or have you just been moving along, hoping that everything will fall into place? Without a realistic budget, it’s highly unlikely that everything is just going to…fall into place. Listing everything you need may […]

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5 Easy Ways to Leverage Your Trade Show Display Investment

It’s no secret that trade shows are an expensive method of gathering leads. Undoubtedly effective, with great ROI’s when done well, but still expensive. In a recent marketing survey by Hubspot, 28% percent of respondents even listed it as their most expensive lead-generation technique. That makes it a little tougher in a corporate environment that may be focused […]

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Trade Show Cost Cutting Tips

If you’ve been in the trade show business for a while, you’re used to looking for trade show cost cutting tips, you want to get the best deal on trade show booths possible, and in general, be kind to your budget. If you’re newer to the field, we’re here to offer you some ideas on how to get more […]

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What Should be in your trade show budget, but isn’t?

If you’ve done a trade show or two, you know what the basic elements of a trade show budget are. The list can include: Booth Space Trade Show Display Booth Installation and Dismantle Expenses Drayage Freight Transportation Audio Visual Support Cleaning Floral Electrical Plumbing Internet Security Lead Gathering Services Hosts/Hostesses/Narrators Personnel Expenses Special Events Here’s […]

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How To Stretch Your Trade Show Budget

VK-2934 Visionary Custom Trade Show Display with backlighting, storage, fabric graphics. & MOD-1221 counter.

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been placed in the position where things needed to happen in a rush, for you to do your job effectively. Sometimes things slip through the cracks: “I was supposed to order carpeting? I thought you were ordering the carpet!” Sometimes rules change: “Last year, our twelve foot […]

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