Are You Wasting Money on your Recurring Trade Show Costs?

Do you attend three or more larger trade shows every year? And perhaps a couple of smaller shows in-between? Do you closely control those pesky recurring trade show costs?

Do you ship several cases, or maybe a crate to your shows, with your trade show booth and accessories in it?

Many trade show exhibitors don't give much consideration to recurring trade show costs when shopping for a trade show booth. But those costs can have a huge impact on your trade show costs and your ROI. 

The average 10ft trade show booth weighs about 100lbs in a case. If there are any counters or other larger accessories, a second or third case may be included. Or it may all ship in a wooden crate. The average wooden crate for trade show displays weighs about 250-300 lbs, and costs $500-$750 to ship cross country - each way. Those shipping cases aren't much better, at about $75 each way - and how many times do you ship 3 cases, only to find that one of them got lost on the way?

Add several hundred dollars in drayage to that shipping expense for each crate you ship. And if you're shipping cases, be careful to ship the cases together, because they probably weigh less than the drayage minimum, so if they arrive separately, they will each get charged the minimum drayage fee - probably $100-200 per case. So you're looking at a $300-500 minimum charge for drayage. 

And then you need to get the booth setup and dismantled at your show - that probably takes 2-3 people, 4-8 hours (most shows are in union cities that have 4 or 8 hour minimums, 2 person minimums, and charge $100/hr for that labor). Have you ever noticed that most shows require you to do install and takedown after 5pm or on weekends? Yes, that adds 50% to the union labor cost. So let's see, 2 guys x 4 hours @ $150/hr = $1200 for setup, and about the same for takedown, call it $2500 for I&D. 

As you can see, it's really easy to spend $5,000 in recurring trade show costs per show. And if you do that for 4 shows every year, that starts to add up to real money!

What would you say if we proposed a new style trade show booth that was designed to cut those recurring costs in half?

  • What if the booth was designed so each 10ft segment weighed about 30 lbs, so that even your smallest staffer could set it up in 5-10 minutes?
  • What if the booth was designed so you could add LED backlighting if you want? (and leave it off if not needed)
  • What if the graphics were dye sub printed fabric, with silicon edges, so that there were no wrinkles?
  • What if you could swap individual graphic panels or entire sets of graphics quickly, as needed?
  • What if there were many shapes and sizes of these light-weight frames?
  • What if they could be coupled together, in different combinations of big and small, flat and curved, tall and short, frames? And even stacked, so that you can create different layouts for each show?
  • What if you could also use each of the frames by themselves for any smaller events?
  • What if this new frame came with a lifetime warranty, indefinitely extending it's useful life?

Wouldn't it be nice if this revolutionary system - let's call it a Modular, Light-Weight, SEG Backlit Popup Display - cost the same - or less - as the heavier systems, meaning no added costs for all these benefits?! (Even though you were going to save so much money it was basically free anyway?!)

Wouldn't it be nice if this was your Next Display?

Next Modular Design Picture
Next End Result Stacked Island Display
NExt Modular Design Example 2
Next modular SEG popups cut recurring trade show costs
next creative use island trade show booth design
NExt Brand to Life Island Trade Show Display

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