Interlocking Carpet Tiles for Trade Shows

Don't trip your clients - get a beveled edge on your trade show floors!

comfort flex interlocking vinyl tiles

Comfort flex interlocking vinyl trade show tiles. 1/2" thick,
$749 for 10x10 floor 


Comfort Designer Tile Faux Wood with Beveled Edge, 1/2″ High, Prices start at $385 for 10x10 floor


Comfort Plush Carpet tiles, 5/8″ High Density EVA Foam, $425 for 10x10 floor

Comfort tiles, 5/8″ High Density EVA Foam, $375 for 10x10 floor

Printed Interlocking Tiles

Custom Full Color Printing on 2x2 interlocking tiles

Interlocking carpet tiles are custom made to order, typically ship in 7 business days after order is placed.

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer Beware) – There are some cheap interlocking tiles available:

  • Most cheap tiles are imported.
  • The cheap tiles can't offer beveled edges

We prefer to only sell American made interlocking carpet tiles, thick enough and high density, so that they feel good to walk on and last a long time. This allows us to sell high quality interlocking tile floors that are available to ship almost immediately. We have many different color options available so you can find the perfect trade show flooring for your booth.

We prefer interlocking floor tiles that offer beveled edges - this makes it much less likely for your clients to trip as they enter your trade show booth!

So, remember to compare – the imported interlocking carpet tiles may be good for your application – just be sure to compare apples to apples.

Interlocking Floor Tiles and Carpet Tiles for your Trade Show Floors. Modular interlocking carpet tiles that sets up in minutes!

Interlocking  floor tiles for Trade Shows
  • Anti-fatigue.
  • Resists cuts.
  • UPS or FedEx shippable
  • Available in 2′ x 4′ or 2′ x 2′ sections.
  • A 10×10 floor takes twenty-five 2×2 pieces, which fit in one cardboard box weighing 50 lbs!
carpet tiles available in 2x2 or 2x4 sizes

All carpet tiles available in 2x2 or 2x4 sizes

Do you need channels under the carpet tiles for wiring? Not a problem! 

Map showing 10x20 booth carpet Tile with channels for electrical wiring

CLICK for LARGER VIEW - Map showing 10x20 booth carpet tile with channels for electrical wiring

2x2 carpet tile with electrical channel

CLICK for LARGER VIEW - Picture of carpet tile back, with electrical channels cut in

Do you need a shipping case for your interlocking tiles? Click image below for info.