The New Wave of Trade Show Banners and Signs

It was once thought that banners and signs were purely for declaring the name of your company above your trade show displays. Picture what trade shows were like in the 1950s: a square wooden table with one representative – always male then – in a white collared shirt and tie, with a lone banner with the company logo handing out fliers and selling products purely through word of mouth. The trade show banners provided the only dash of color on the whole trade show floor.exhibition displays mackie 20x20 island-resized-600

Times have sure changed a lot since then. Trade show banners and signs have evolved in many different ways. Now there are moving banners, rotating banners, double-sided banners, hanging signs,  adjustable banners, banners on stands, and even backpack banners!

Creative trade show banners can be the single most cost effective tool for drawing the eyes of attendees to your booth and pulling your potential clients over for more information.

Here are a few ideas for how to fully exploit the versatility of trade show banners and signs:

Hanging Signs – trade show banners need not be static floor standing visuals anymore. Using lightweight aluminum tubes and fabric graphics, dye sublimation printed trade show hanging signs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, fold up compactly for shipping, and are affordably priced. Rotating motors are available, and if you want to avoid rigging costs, you can place these rotating signs on top of your trade show displays and towers.

Backlit Banners and 3D Banner Stands – Curved, double-sided, and backlit options are now available. These are adjustable and easy to set up. Take advantage of the many different shapes and lighting to help catch your prospect’s attention. These trade show stand up banners can be easily created and placed in just about any position you can think of. Only your imagination can limit the uses of the banner in this day and age. Make sure when you are searching for the types of banners you want for your trade show displays that you are not settling on the first good one you see. Consider the possibilities for the various uses and how you can use banner stands to plant your flag on the trade show floor!

Twist banner stand – this new design is another great example of the way banner stands are changing. This innovative stand uses lightweight aluminum poles that are cut in 3 sections for packing, and slip together quickly when assembled (see video below). These trade show banners use rollable lambda mural graphics; a double-sided lamination on a photographic quality print. The graphics just hook at the top of the pole and hang down.twist_8ft_display_system-resized-600

A Twist banner stand with a lambda graphic makes a striking stand-alone banner stand, but they come with a couple of key features:

1)Graphics can be placed on both sides of the pole anytime you want, making it a double-sided sign

2) Twist banner stands can be set side by side, and then connected with a special graphic and magnets, to make an almost invisible, seamless connection. This feature means you can use your banner stands to create a large back wall at a big show, and then use them individually as trade show banners when needed.

3) The connecting graphic on the Twist banner stands is the same rollable, flexible lambda graphic as the main banners. However, it is connected in a clever way that allows it to flex, so you can create curves and 90 degree turns with your trade show graphic walls!

The Twist banner stands can be used to create curved walls and meeting rooms – almost any kind of display you might need. The lambda graphics come with a lifetime de-lamination warranty, and the hardware comes with a lifetime warranty too.

Walking the banner – Another great idea to come out of trade show advertising has been the Backpack Banner. Why wait for the clients to come to you when you can maximize your exposure through an eye-catching mobile banner?backpack-banner-girl-teardrop

These mobile trade show stand up banners come in all shapes and sizes and really get your name out there. It’s almost like having a neon sign with a finger pointing to your booth. Think of these roving advertisers as drawing a moth to the flame:  much like a strolling juggler or magician, except this moving attraction actually has your name on it!

Whether folks follow the sign back to your trade show booth, walk up to your booth to check you out, or just remember it when they get to your display, you’ll find that a lot of folks can’t help but come see what the “stunt” was all about. That’s the point when your superior trade show displays help draw them in and your great sales staff finishes them off.

Don’t get caught stuck inside your area like a “black and white” representative from the 1950s. Get your name, your message, and your colorful product out and about on the trade show floor. Break down the imaginary walls that keep you inside your booth and get banners and signs to cover all of your angles. The clients will be coming at you from all directions!

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